Future Gunpla Releases I'm Excited For~

Due to multiple projects and finals coming up next week, I figured it wouldn't be a good use of my time to write up a lengthy review and take bunches of pictures. Instead, I'm going to give a little update on upcoming gunpla releases that I'm quite excited for. All of these photos are from the Chara Hobby Expo going on in Japan right now, and the photos were taken from Ngee Khiong and To Aru Shumi no Tsukinari.

~*~HG 00 Qan[T]~*~

There's only one close-up picture of the 00 Qan[T], but OH MY GOD I WANT THIS SO MUCH. 00 Qan[T] is probably my favorite Gundam designs ever, and I'm so glad that they announced a release of this [and the other 00 Movie kits] because otherwise I might've tried [and failed] a 00 Qan[T] scratchbuild. The sword bits look like they're removable, which is necessary. No sort of GN Sword to be seen yet, though. This fella's scheduled for an August release at about 1700 yen, or ~$19.


I think it's funny that I'm excited over Raphael Gundam, since up until this one I really haven't liked any of Tieria's Gundams very much =\. I like that they slimmed it down and sort of combined the sleekness of the Gadessa and the OMGCANNONSLOL of the Seravee. He looks like he'll be hard to pose properly without an action base though, which I don't have a problem with! Raphael Gundam has a September release at ~2200 yen, or ~$24.

~*~RG RX-78-2~*~

HG 1/144 size. MG detail. A full inner frame [including articulated fingers] and a transformable core fighter. I'm quite excited for the RG RX-78-2 because this looks like it has the potential to set a new standard for the 1/144 size kits. It will be interesting to see how well the kit moves with all of the armor on it, because the frame by itself looks like it can pretty much do anything. Yes, it's somewhat pre-built for you in that most of the inner frame parts are already molded and attached together on a single runner, but it just looks like such a nice kit, and I'd be happy to have the RG as my first RX-78-2 kit. July 24 release, about 2500 yen or ~$27.


Oh my god, yes. A choir of nothing but yes. Yes to infinity. I really can't properly express my excitement for a HG Sinanju; it's second on my list of gunpla I want, with 00 Qan[T] in first. I'm really excited to see how Bandai did the HG's articulation, and I'm honestly expecting it to be almost as good as the MG version. Granted, the announcement of a HG won't stop me from getting a MG Sinanju :P. No release date or price on this guy yet.

-The O was announced as Bandai's next Master Grade kit. Not really a fan of The O, or its 12,600 yen price tag [about $130]
-Bandai is making an anime about gunpla called "Gunpla Builders Beginning G." They've also got a prototype of the main character's first gunpla [I think it's his first gunpla anyway] called Beginning Gundam.

And that's all for this week's post! I'm sorry for the lack of an actual review, and I don't really plan on doing gunpla updates like these all that often, but with school coming to a close I need to finish my year strong. I'll have a review for you all next week though, so fret not!!

What kits are you excited for, readers? And what Gundams/mobile suits are you hoping will get made into kits or get 2.0s?


  1. J here,
    I'm very much looking foward to 00 Quan[T] HG, Sinanju, the HG Delta Plus, RG RX-78-2, and yes The O is on my list as well.
    As for 2.0's...I want an F91 2.0 Ver.Ka w/Over Limit effect!
    I wouldn't mind a Crossbone ver Ka 2.0 though.

  2. I need to find some more pictures of the O to decide if I'm excited for that or not, I do like heavily armored suit types~ the Raphael is described pretty accurately by you there LOLCANNONZ! XD so I'm excited for it an the qan looks epic o.o and if your that excited about it I am too, gotta catch up on the series!!

  3. Zaku III PL0X

    OR JADG DOGA!!1!!

    COME TO BRAZIL! [45]

  4. There's a HG Jagd Doga that's got a pretty nifty internal frame and clear display wires for the funnels. I think GSaM has both versions from Char's Counterattack for ~$23.