HG Reborns Gundam

Hey everyone! Baby TheEnd with a Friday update for you! Today I've got another kit given to me as a gift from my wonderful girlfriend :3. The HG Reborns Gundam was a kit that I had been eyeing for quite some time, as I found its design incredibly interesting. Really, just the Gundam mode. The cannon mode really bothers me because it was just a GN Cannon tacked on to the back of 1 Gundam =\. Thus, I chopped off the ball joint for where the cannon mode's head would attach. Anyway, on to the review!!

I think Reborns Gundam is just brilliantly designed. It looks so pretty, especially after painting the pale yellow over with gold. The colors really all work well together, and I especially like the red and gold :D

Reborns Gundam has a ridiculous amount of articulation. From the top down, the head is on a double joint and can rotate around. The shoulders are on ball joints, but have sections to them. The main shoulder armor piece is attached to the shoulder and can rotate, and the white strip on the shoulder armor can move a little bit. The arms can rotate above the elbow and the elbows are kind of double jointed. Reborns's arms are kind of strange because of its transformation gimmick. Look at the pictures for how the arms work Dx. The waist can bend halfway down and can rotate a little bit at the waist. On to Reborns's waist, all six of the skirt armor plates are on ball joints and can move, which is absolutely fantastic! The hip connection is a solid ball joint that doesn't move or turn at all, which honestly I prefer on HG kits. The knees are double jointed and have some MG-like gimmick to them with the moving kneecap, which is badass :D. The feet can move side to side a little bit and back and forth too. The calves also split open for Cannon mode, but you won't be seeing any of that in this review. On Reborns Gundam's back, the main thruster can open and close, and the four fin funnel containers can move up and down and are on a ball joint so they can move around a little bit. Finally, the beam saber attachments can rotate up and display the sabers in a Hi-Nu Gundam style.

Reborns Gundam is such a dynamic looking mobile suit, although it's a little tough to pose him on the ground sometimes because of the strange foot design. An action base [preferably a sparkly clear red one] is pretty vital for Reborns Gundam. I really like that the GN Tau Drives are on its shoulders, keeping with the unconventional GN Drive placement in season 2 of Gundam 00 [Arios's is in its crotch, Seravee's is in Seraphim Gundam, etc]. 


First, I'm going to cover Reborns Gundam's beam sabers. These are pretty big handles that flip up from the fin funnel containers, and I like that Reborns can actually reach and hold the beam saber while it's still docked :D. Reborns only comes with one clear beam, but I took some clear orange to it for the sake of anime accuracy~

Oh, that orange beam looks so good with the rest of Reborns :3. The next piece of equipment for Reborns is the GN Beam Rifle. The rifle has an interesting design similar to that of 00 Gundam's GN Sword III. That is, it attaches to the top and bottom of the arm, which creates a sturdier grip at the cost of posability [for the arm that's holding it].

The next accessory is Reborns Gundam's shield. The shield has a sliding gimmick on each side that allows four [total] small GN Fangs to slide out from the shield [they can't detach though]. The shield attaches onto the back of the arm the same way the beam rifle does, so you could have Reborns hold both items in either hand. I prefer my Gundams to be righties :P

And, of course, it wouldn't be Reborns Gundam without the four large funnels!!

"Reborns Gundam, Ribbons Almark, ready to kick some ass!"


While this was a gift for me, as previously mentioned, Reborns Gundam usually goes for around $18-20 because it's a larger and more complex HG kit. HOWEVER!! You definitely get your money's worth, as this fella might as well just be made from solid awesome. If you liked Gundam 00, Reborns Gundam is an absolute must. The same goes if you have a HG 00 Raiser! I've seen some pretty awesome customs for Reborns out there too [I believe To Aru Shumi no Tsukinari is working on a purple version!]. 

And that's all I've got to say on Reborns Gundam. Any questions, just leave a comment or a chatbox thing. Otherwise, see ya next week!!


  1. Nice build :D, the gold is good XD, you hand paint it?

  2. Thanks Tsukinari and Little Nirvash! Yup, I hand painted the gold and everything else on Reborns :D. I prefer hand painting to using spraycans, I think it's more fun~

  3. You... chopped off the GN Cannon's head joint?... O_o;

    Reborns sister unit (1.5 Gundam) is also quite nice, the back binder system is amazing. Which I got it last week. =D

  4. Yeah, I really don't like the Reborns Cannon too much =\

    1.5 Gundam looks like a pretty sweet kit, I really like those binders. It makes it look even more like Hi-Nu Gundam xD

  5. Hey can you tell me what color paints you used. I just got this kit and I want it to really nice.

  6. Yup, no problem Anon!

    Gold: Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf
    Grey: Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey
    Purple: Tamiya X-16 Purple
    Green: Tamiya X-28 Park Green
    Black: Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black

  7. Also forgot:

    Blue: Tamiya XF-8 Flat Blue
    Clear Orange: Tamiya X-26 Clear Orange

  8. Thank You so much. btw this model is really well done you are awesome.

  9. One more question. where did you use the flat blue at? lol

  10. I used it on the circular part on the GN rifle :O

  11. Where did the clear orange saber come from?

  12. i'm just starting out, and i thought that i could just pick up some krylon red for this kit.
    i was wrong, but it actually gave it a nice rust color.
    much less menacing. more home and garden. did you paint the clear plastic over the chest, or the chest itself?

  13. The clear orange saber is the clear saber part included in the kit painted with some Clear Orange Tamiya acrylic paint.

    As for the chest, I painted purple over where the sticker was supposed to go but kept the clear part untouched.

  14. what kind of paint did you use for the gold? I was looking for something to paint the trim on the sinanju.