~Blog Stats~

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share how my wonderful blog has been doing since the STATS tab for blogger was added in June ^__^

Pageviews almost exactly doubled from July to August, which is awesome! :D. And September is going pretty darn well too, which makes me quite happy :)

Looks like, so far, the 1/60 Freedom Gundam is quite popular ^__^;;. I'm pleased to see that the HG Turn X has been getting some love too, it's a really awesome kit despite its age and I'd really recommend it!

I'm sorry for the misleading Perfect Grade tab, I promise there'll be something in there soon!! It also seems that people quite like the Master Grades, so I'll put a few more MG reviews up :D

Woo! Thank you for all of the redirects, Z!  I didn't screencap it, but there were a hell of a lot of readers joining me from the Philippines, which I think is really cool :D

So there you have it! Just thought I'd share some of this with you. I'll keep you posted on this stuff, so if anything monumental comes up, like a million page views, I'll tell you right away. After all, the readers are what make all of this possible! Thank you so much for your support~!

And I'll see you all Friday~ :D

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  1. Woot! My Freedom and RG made your top 10 most viewed!