Limited Edition Play Arts Kingdom Hearts II Sora [Final Form]

Welcome to another Baby TheEnd review~. This week I've got an awesome review set for you guys, but a bit of backstory first. Near the end of Summer '09, my awesome girlfriend and I went to a small anime store owned by a crotchety Japanese guy living out of the back of the store so he wouldn't have to pay rent or something. I saw that he had this figure perched up on a high shelf, and after wishing I could get it we left. With my birthday coming up, my amazing girlfriend went to that store to buy me this figure. And more times than you can count on one hand, the store was inexplicably closed which meant a wasted trip and a lot of frustration. After weeks of this ridiculous nonsense, I caught wind of what she was doing and went with her to get the guy to open his damn shop so she could buy my present [I know that sounds greedy of me, but I wasn't doing this for my sake, I promise D: ]. After pounding on the glass for what seemed like hours, the guy finally came to the store front and asked us if we knew what we wanted. She said "yes, that one up there" and he let her in. She left the store a few minutes later with a smile on her face and my birthday present: one of 3000 limited edition Sora [Final Form] figures. And let me tell you, I was ecstatic. Kingdom Hearts is easily one of my favorite games [it's quite easy to ignore the haters and bizarre pairings ^__^;; ]. So, without further delay...

 Simply owning this figure is a privilege to me, really. Yes, it's not SUPER POSABLE WOAH, and yes, OMG IT FRUM KINGDUMB HARTS LOLOL. Neither of those things bother me though. Final Form is easily the coolest of Sora's many costumes, and I honestly like the keyblade choice. Yes, Oathkeeper and Oblivion would have been cooler, but nothing's perfect~

 As far as articulation goes, the shoulders can move with no problems, as can the elbows. Strangely, only one arm is ball jointed at the shoulder, and I made the mistake of forcing the other one to the point that I twisted it off. It took me a while and a lot of superglue, but now he's good as new :D. Sora's legs are also bendable, and even his feet bend halfway to allow for some dynamic poses. His neck, wrists and fingers also move~
 The paint job on Final Form Sora is pretty damn fantastic and 100% accurate to the game. There are a few tiny mistakes, but that's to be expected of anything painted in a factory.


Final Form Sora comes with two keyblades, Sleeping Lion and Hero's Crest. They are both molded and colored perfectly, Sleeping Lion's keychain is removable and Hero's Crest's keychain is an actual chain. They're definitely cool keyblade choices for Final Form, though I would've preferred Ultima Weapon and Oathkeeper :P

Final Form Sora is definitely one of my most valued collectibles, and I love my girlfriend so much for getting me this for my birthday :3. Honestly, though, I'd only recommend Final Form to those of you who are either hardcore KH fans who are willing to drop $80+ on Final Form [since he's limited] or collectors of everything Play Arts. Or if you just really like the way it looks, that'd work too :P

And with that, my friends, I will see you later. Have a good day~


  1. Sora Final Form!!! Lucky guy you! I am so envious.....

  2. the eye looks abit urgly but the keyblade is delious!

  3. i saw that at an anime convention i was at yesterday but it was out of my range so i got kingdom hearts play arts no.5 cloud

  4. Hello! I'm kind of trying to invest in this particular figure on eBay, but I'm having trouble telling the real ones apart from bootlegs. Could you help me there a bit, and please post a picture of the box he came in if you still have it? Also, he looks quite real otherwise, but I'm having hard time telling if his necklace is ok from the pictures.. (it has previously been the easiest place to spot a bootleg) Anyway, thank you in advance!

  5. I was wondering if you could help me out with something. Was the box that it came in sealed with scotch tape or was it like the others and had round pieces of tape holding it together? I've gotten my figure not long ago and am skeptical to believe that mine is real.

  6. @J.P. : I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one Dx The box is back home, and I'm at college right now, but I'll be able to give you a proper answer in like a week :O

  7. Shame you....broke it /trollface ---> B|