Updates, VOL. 4

Due to lack of a lot of blog activity right now, I think maybe another volume of Updates from the desk of Baby TheEnd might be a good idea. This'll be a good update, I promise. I'll be showing you some of the stuff I'm working on right now, planned kits, and I'll also take a look at some of the upcoming Gunpla releases. So, let's start this off~!


I've got a few projects going simultaneously right now, but I'm quite excited for each one's completion!

The first one is the MG V2 Gundam Ver.BTE. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is using the MG Wing Gundam Ver.Ka's inner frame and modifying the old HG 1/100 V2 Gundam parts to fit onto the frame, all the while giving it my personal touch. I've probably given it a good three days or so of work now, and I think for my first kitbash it's going well. The head is basically done, I just need to figure out how to secure the face inside the head.

The upper body is maybe halfway finished right now. I still need to figure out how the iconic V2 chest will all fit together, as well as fine-tune the attachment of the core fighter's nose cone to the back. And, of course, I need to make the thrusters as well~.

The waist is almost done. I just need to do the side skirts [which should be incredibly easy] and the back skirts. With the back skirts, though, I cut them apart because I didn't like that ugly plastic bit connecting them. However, since they are meant to move together [that is, moving as if they're attached to each other] I'm going to use the Wing Gundam's back skirts as a base and go from there.

Another project I'm working on is this badass right here, the Hi Nu GUNDOOM kit produced by MC Model. I was able to pre-order this awesome kit from Gundam Central** and now that it's here, I've got some good ideas for it. Rather, since I don't have a blue paint similar to the Hi Nu's blue, I bought a can of Tamiya Light Blue spray to personalize the colors a little bit. For the most part, though, I'm going to try to paint this as close as I can to the art in the manual. It's just so pretty~! J has already completed his, and from what I've heard it's absolutely worth buying, but we'll explore that more during the review of this kit.

The third project I'm working on [and almost done with, actually] is a Lego version of V2 Gundam. The original model was made by Torraires, and since I wanted to re-create it, I downloaded and slowed down his videos and fired up Lego Digital Designer~! Unfortunately, LDD isn't that smart, so I had to leave some parts detached and substitute some pieces as well.


I've got a whole backlog of kits to build, both resin and Gunpla, but I also have a list of custom kits I'd like to make. Hopefully some of those will be showing up here over the summer~

The first one is the Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Owsla]. This one shouldn't be too difficult to build, since I've already got the Primrose parts needed for it. All I need now is the actual Hazel kit and some primer and I'll be in business!

I also want to make a different iteration of the TR-1 with my own creative input. Right now what I'm thinking is a Hazel Custom as the base kit with the Primrose/Owsla upper body and the Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo]'s shoulder-mounted support binders attached to the booster pod with two mega particle cannons attached. I'm sure there's more, but I'll come up with those other details as I start to plan it out.

Yet another Advance of Zeta design I want to make is the RX-121-3C Gundam TR-1 [Hyzenthlay]. The Hyzenthlay is essentially a Hazel Owsla with most of the Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort] attached on a few hardpoints. It's got quite a unique look, and I'd really like to have one on my shelf. There's also a 1/144 scale resin kit version at this website so perhaps I'll invest in that.

**While I definitely suggest checking out what Gundam Central has to offer [and, if you can, picking up a Hi Nu GUNDOOM] I feel I should note that most of their stock is composed of TT Hongli and similar China-brand Gunpla. I don't agree with or support TT Hongli and those similar China-brand Gunpla producers. Gunpla is an economic hobby; that is, if you don't have the money to purchase Bandai Gunpla then that's too bad. While I feel this may be a little harsh, one must also consider the fact that last year Bandai sued TT Hongli, which means that Bandai is cracking down on knockoff kit creators.

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  1. Hey! I love all your cool Gundam builds. Mostly, the Lego V2 by Torraires. Victory Gundam designs are some of my favorite. I was able to re-create this beauty in lego by slow-mo'ing his vids and combining that with the many pictures of it's process. Once I started building, I found the vids were sketchy as to what parts were being used, but the photos helped a lot. I'm confident that I was able to get a 99.9% correct build. At some point I hope to do a pictorial how-to. I was unable to contact Torraires directly.