MG Gundam Mk.II 2.0 HD Titans Colors

Hey everyone, I've got a kickass Master Grade Gunpla review for you! We're going to be looking at the MG Gundam Mk.II kit, specifically the limited edition HD Titans Colors version. Those of you familiar with the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam multiverse know that the Gundam Mk.II comes from the Zeta Gundam series. In celebration of the series releasing on Blu-Ray with more vibrant colors and animation touch-ups, Bandai released this version of the Mk.II 2.0 as well as three other MG kits in HD colors. Now that that's all out of the way, let's take a look at this awesome kit!

For a MG, the Mk.II isn't lacking in articulation at all, and this is even further pronounced by the "version 2.0" inner frame. There are parts of construction with this kit [specifically the legs] that really just blew me away at the amount of detail and thought put into how each moving part fits together.
  • The head is ball-jointed to the neck, which is ball-jointed to the collar/shoulders
    • The vulcan pod can be detached from the head [which I've done for the next set of pictures]
  • Torso can bend forward, back, and side to side at the stomach area
    • The Titans Mk.II uses a different piece to connect the torso to the waist, which allows the torso to rotate a little bit
    • Cockpit hatch can open up
  • Backpack's thrusters are slightly movable
    • The two tall thrusters that the beam sabers sit on are on ball joints and can move
    • Beam sabers are [obviously] detachable
  • The arms attach onto the torso with a large peg
    • Pretty good range of up and down movement at the shoulder attachment point
    • The backpack is the only thing hindering the arms from rotating 360˚
    • The arms have a great range of motion at the shoulder joint
    • Elbows are double jointed and have a bit of "armor sliding" on the forearm
  • Hands are pretty typical MG hands
    • Ball-joint into the forearm
    • Wrist piece clips onto the palm
    • Fingers are all ball-jointed, but only the thumb and index finger are independent
  • The front and side skirt armor pieces can all move around
    • Back skirt is stationary but has a fold-out bazooka clip
    • Hip joints can be brought forward or backward
  • Legs can rotate and move around quite nicely at the hips
    • Thighs have a awesome armor split as the knee bends
  • The knees bend in two places with a ton of armor movement and sliding
  • The shin armor can slide up and down depending on how the ankles are moved
  • The feet are ball-jointed to the ankle with functional pistons as well
    • Feet can pretty much bend in half
Quite an impressive list of all of the different articulated points, but it just doesn't capture how posable the Mk.II really is.

The HD Color water transfer decals that come with the kit look pretty spectacular when you put all of them on~!


The Mk.II comes with a pretty modest amount of accessories, but before we get to the big stuff let's check out the beam sabers.

It really makes me so happy that the Mk.II can reach for and grab the beam sabers with no trouble at all; it looks totally natural. The beam sabers are pretty normal for MG kits though: they fit over a tab on the hand and then you just pop the effect part right in!

Next up is the Gundam Mk.II's beam rifle. I don't have anything particularly special to say about it except that despite what the manual says, you definitely can't attach it onto the side skirt armor easily >__>  The ammo packs are removable and swappable, but I don't see myself ever needing to do that.

The two spare ammo packs for the beam rifle are stored on the back of the shield, which can fold and condense in on itself. It's got a really solid connection, and I like that the joint they use for the shield is the same type of joint used on the HG Advance of Zeta kits since the Mk.II is a Titans prototype suit, so it would share a lot of qualities with other early Titans mobile suits.

And finally, the bazooka. There are some more shiny HD decals on the bazooka that really give it a much cleaner and exciting look than, say, the RX-78-2 Gundam 2.0's bazooka. As I mentioned earlier, the bazooka can clip onto the back skirt, but be careful not to damage the water transfer decals at all!


I don't think I need to beat around the bush at all: the MG Gundam Mk.II is a fantastic kit and one of the best constructed Master Grades available. Whether you like the Titans colors or the AEUG colors version, I highly recommend picking one up [though keep in mind that the Titans colors version has that extra bit of waist articulation]. The MG Gundam Mk.II HD Titans Colors retails for around $45, but as this is a limited kit they're becoming more scarce [though not NEARLY as scarce as the MG Hyakushiki HD Colors] now is the time to buy one! :D

See you all later, I've got some more Gunpla photos to take~!


  1. Hmm I thought they had fixed the waist articulation for the aeug version?

  2. Ah, yeah, they fixed it for the HD Colors version of the Gundam Mk.II AEUG Colors, but not the standard MG.

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