Playing Favorites

Hey everyone! I know my updates have become pretty sparse in the past couple of months, and I have no excuse for that [well, other than lots of art projects...]. I don't want this blog to become abandoned though, and I fully intend to write reviews for some of the kits that have been on queue for far too long. While I work on those, though, I thought of a quick little something to put together to help you, my wonderful readers, get to know me a bit better: my favorites of the Gundam universe! To be a bit more specific:

  • Favorite mass-produced mobile suit
  • Favorite mobile suit or Gundam
  • Favorite pilot
  • Favorite Gundam series
  • Favorite kit of each scale I've built so far
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know your favorites as well~! Understand, though, that these are STRICTLY OPINIONS, and if it turns into an all-out "UC vs 00 vs SEED vs WHATEVER" war I will not hesitate to delete replies or the entire post, if it needs to happen. With that said, let's begin!!


My vote's on the RGM-96X Jesta on this one. Though technically it's not quite as mass produced as the standard GM, it's more than a one-off production, and 12 of these things seems pretty massive to me xD. The Jesta was specifically designed to escort the Unicorn Gundam into battle and keep enemy grunt suits away from it to maximize the NT-D System's effectiveness. 

Simply put, the Jesta is just badass. It's a special operations mobile suit and it definitely looks the part. The Unicorn-esque design, along with the unique shield mount and general Katoki aesthetic make the Jesta a winner in my book.


The RX-121-3C Gundam TR-1 Hyzenthlay is, without a doubt, my favorite Gundam. Hailing from the Advance of Zeta: Flag of the Titans visual novel side story of Gundam Zeta, the Hyzenthlay is the culmination of the Titans Test Team's mobile suit experiments. Unfortunately it's only a concept mobile suit, but that doesn't detract any of its sheer awesomeness. With two shoulder mounted beam cannons, the upper body of the TR-6 Woundwort as its sub-arm unit, and a long blade rifle that can "transform" into a giant claw with a beam emitter palm, what's not to like? And if that's still not enough, the Hyzenthlay-Rah goes a step further with two Hrududu II units and another rifle!


As far as angsty teenagers piloting 50-foot tall robots go, Banagher Links is at the top of the list for me. Lovingly dubbed "Banana" by the folks of /m/, Banagher follows suit in the Gundam pilot stereotypes. However, there are instances where he goes beyond that and achieves a level of badassery that not even Kamille, Flit, or Setsuna could ever reach [for example, the scene in episode 4 when he punches out Captain Zinnerman].


Assuming we're just going by anime series, it's a [frustratingly tough] tie between Gundam Unicorn and 08th MS Team. Unicorn boasts a fantastic story, mobile suit designs by Katoki as far as the eye can see, and that gorgeous OVA-level art style we've come to love so much. 08th MS Team, however, has an equally fantastic story, but more in the sense of realism: that is, it feels like the only Gundam series that properly reflects what fighting a war with giant robots would really be like [to some extent, of course]. The characters are all awesome and incredibly unique as well.


It's kinda dawned on me that, as I come to this section, I really can't choose just one favorite kit of each scale. After having built so many over the past few years, I can't say there's a single kit that I haven't loved putting together. I suppose for 1/60 scale my vote would have to be the PG 00 Raiser since that's the only one I've built, but among the myriad of HGs and MGs I can't pick out one of each to call my favorite; they've all got their ups and downs. This section ended up being kind of cheesy, but I hope you can understand where I'm coming from with this ^__^;;

And that's everything! Like I said earlier, feel free to do this little questionnaire yourself [but don't get into arguments or I'll start deleting posts!!]~. See you all later~!


  1. u've been off in awhile yo~

    anyway,fav mass produced MS-Zaku Warrior
    fav pilot-Char
    fav MS-Char's Zaku II
    fav Gundam series-08th Ms Team
    fav kit I've built-O Gundam

  2. Mass production- MS-06 Zaku II
    Fav pilot- Char Aznable
    Fav Gundam- Freedom Gundam
    Fav series- Zeta Gundam
    Fav kits of each scale:
    MG- Epyon
    HG- God Gundam
    RG- RX-78-2
    That's all ;p

  3. Mass Production Unit: ReZEL (love those legs)
    Pilot: Zechs Merquise (He's a Char)
    Gundam: Turn A (DEM LEGS)
    Series: G Gundam (REFUGE IN AUDACITY!)
    1/144: HG Stargazer (Came with two stands)
    1/100: MG Qubelet Mk-II (adorable decals)
    1/60: PG Strike Freedom (Only built this and 00 so far)

  4. Mass Production : RX-79[G] ground type Gundam
    Pilot : Shiro Amada (no way in hell I'm going to pick angsty kids)
    Gundam : DeathScythe Hell (those goddamn cool batwings)
    Series : definitely 08th MS Team
    Kit : MG Zaku II ver. 2.0
    RG Freedom
    PG Strike + Aile striker

  5. Mass Production : Tieren Ground ;)
    Pilot : Setsuna
    Gundam : 0 Gundam
    Series : 08th MS Team
    Kit : MG Zaku II
    RG Char's Zaku
    HG 0 Gundam ACD
    MG Zaku II

  6. Hey man, I posted my stuff up on my website. I didn't want to clutter up the comment section with a massive essay like yours.

  7. Mass Produced: Windam
    Gundam: ZGMF-X42S Destiny
    Pilot: Norris Packard
    Series: Gundam OO

  8. Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward for more!!

  9. DelteusTheGunplaBuilderMay 8, 2013 at 2:29 AM

    Fav MS :Gundam Hazel TR-1 (SO CLOSE RIGHT?)
    Fav model:HGUC Advanced Hazel

  10. Favorite mass-produced mobile suit: GM command(ground/space)
    Favorite mobile suit or Gundam: Crossbone Gundam X-2
    Favorite pilot: Zeta/CCA's Amuro
    Favorite Gundam series: Gundam Seed Astray(If MSV doesn't count, then I'm going with Crossbone Gundam)
    Favorite kit of each scale I've built so far:
    HG: o gundam
    MG: Char's Z'Gok

  11. Mass production- MS-06 Zaku II
    Fav pilot- Kira Yamato
    Fav Gundam- Strike Freedom Gundam
    Fav series- Gundam Seed
    Fav kits of each scale built so far:
    MG Master Gundam
    HG Geara Zulu
    RG RX-78-2

  12. MP MS: RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type
    Pilot: Shiro Amada
    Gundam: RX-0 Unicorn Gundam or RX-93 Nu Gundam
    Series: Unicorn or 08th MS
    MG: FA Unicorn Ver. Ka or Sazabi Ver. Ka
    RG: Zeta
    HG: Unicorn (Unicorn Mode+head display)
    SD: Nu