Blindbox KOS-MOS Statue

I was sitting at my desk thinking of which of my collectibles to type up a review on next, when my roommate [Seraphim of the Seraphim VK blog] taps me on the shoulder and asks "wanna do a little review of the KOS-MOS statue I have?", to which I replied "why the hell not?" So, here we go~

This is a blindbox Xenosaga statue that Seraphim bought at the local anime store back in October or so. When I say blindbox, I refer to the Japanese way of selling collectible figures/statues like these. They sell them in little crates, but each individual figure/statue is totally concealed inside a box or other packaging so the buyer has no way of figuring out which one he/she will get. KOS-MOS is Seraphim's favorite character from the Xenosaga series and frequently refers to her as his girlfriend, so when he saw her on display he asked if he could buy the display piece rather than risk the $8 on a blindbox, and here we are now :)

Out of the box, she comes in a few pieces. You need to assemble the base, her belt thing [which, out of frustration, ended up getting glued together], and put her right arm on. Once completed, she's a little taller than your average HG gunpla.

Obviously, I can't say much about posability, so I'll just skip right to the details. The detailing on KOS-MOS is very well done. The best I can compare her to is pictures from the game itself, and the design and colors stay true to the game. There are a few places where the paint app isn't perfect, but they're such small areas that you'd have to be looking for them [and why would you want to do that?]. 

I also like how they did her hair - the solid blue plastic that turns clear-ish with some glitter in it. It works really well with the rest of the statue.


While I do have a few statues of my own, they're not on the top of my "To-Buy" list, but this KOS-MOS statue is definitely worth it. Be you a fan of Xenosaga, of android women, or just want to get another statue in your collection, the Xenosaga blindbox set is definitely worth looking into. I've heard that the prices on these can range dramatically though, so try and find a cheap one :D. See y'all later~

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