Sorry for taking so long with the next review(s), guys D:  I've just been super busy since winter quarter at college is coming to a close next week.

So, for your amusement, here's the list of Gunpla I plan on buying in no particular order :D

~HG Exia Repair II
~HG Reborns Gundam
~MG Sinanju
~PG 00 Raiser or PG Red Frame, can't decide which
~HG Gaddess
~HG Stargazer Gundam
~HG Susanowo
~NG 1/100 Cherudim Gundam Designer's Colors

It's definitely not too long of a list, but that should keep me plenty busy for quite a while [especially Sinanju and the PG, if I can actually get my hands on 'em]. And of course, I've got friends with Gunpla they want me to review, so expect to see some that aren't mine popping up soon [specifically, the MG F91!].

I really think it's so much fun reviewing Gundam kits like this, and while I'm not sure just how big of a following I have yet, I'm still going to move onward and continue the reviews. I think it would be so cool if my blog, one day, had an enormous fanbase and people occasionally sent me a HG kit to review. Or better yet, one to build and review! [I can dream... ^__^;; ]

I promise that I'll try to keep a more regular schedule. I just hope I don't run out of stuff to review... D:

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