Robot Damashii Nirvash Type TheEnd

Baby TheEnd here, and today we've got a pretty awesome review set up. A bit of background first though. The Robot Damashii line is a series of incredibly articulated mechs from all corners of the anime world. Right under Bandai's watchful eye, the Robot Damashii toys are the pinnacle of awesome robot action figures, and this figure definitely doesn't disappoint. On to the review~ :D

This is the Robot Damashii Nirvash Type TheEnd from the anime Eureka Seven. Back when this and the Type Zero Damashii were released, I really wanted the Type Zero Spec2 but this one ended up being cheaper and I still got the Baby form with it [the mascot used for the site :D].

To be perfectly honest with you, during the anime I really wasn't a huge fan of the Type TheEnd, and not just because it was the "bad guy" mech until the end of the show. I just didn't really like its head design all that much, and *ahem* protrusion looked quite bizarre. That being said, I really warmed up to it after getting the figure in the mail over the summer.

This fella's ridiculously posable. Bandai really did a great job with creating an articulated replica of the Nirvash Type TheEnd. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, with a Damashii base [which I don't have :( ], you can get Type TheEnd into any pose you can think of. The neck is on two ball joints, the ankles and feet can move, the knees are double-jointed, the waist can move on the X, Y, and Z axis, the wrists are articulated, the arms can bend, and the shoulders are also double-jointed. Additionally, the cockpit hatch can open and the thrusters on the back are movable.


Type TheEnd doesn't come with too many accessories, but the few that he has are AWESOME.

First up are Type TheEnd's retractible claws. With one on each arm, these are its primary weapon.

The claws can flip forward, and then you've got some angry-looking blades to watch out for! I don't have these handy right now, but there are also some black wires that you can use to recreate shooting off its claws that look like this. [EDIT: I can kinda do it using a figma stand too ^__^]

Type TheEnd also has two swords that are meant to be a countermeasure to the Type Zero's boomerang sword things. They're pretty slick looking, and kinda makes sense that it's supposed to hold them upside down, because...

Type TheEnd's REF board is actually a set of skis that can turn into a board, but it usually just uses the skis [I prefer the board though :P]. In that sense, the swords are kinda like ski poles, which is pretty cool :D

Type TheEnd also comes with optional attachments for the chest to make it look like it's using its VASCUD CRISIS attack, but those are currently in a different state than me.


First off, the Robot Damashii line in general is absolutely fantastic. The figures are all high quality and very posable. That being said, Nirvash Type TheEnd is one of my favorites from the Damashii line. It's from an anime that is in my top 3, it's got awesome accessories and they really nailed the conversion from screen to figure perfectly. Unfortunately, in my opinion he's a bit pricey, at ~$35, but if you're a hardcore Eureka Seven fan or just really like the design, it's definitely worth the money!!

And with that, I will see you later~~


  1. I like the first pic xD Great review :O

  2. Thanks! :D I'm probably gonna do another one today~

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  4. i have the nirvash type 0 spec2 and i love it but i cant really pose him that much where did you get that base ?

  5. Actually, the base is a [recently broken] figma base that came with my Hatsune Miku figma :O

  6. thanks would somthing like this work?