HG 0 Gundam Type ACD

A little late, but a review nonetheless! Today we've got the HG 0 Gundam Type ACD [Actual Combat Deployment]. This guy and the next couple of gunpla reviews are all courtesy of my younger brother who recently got into Gundam and now owns almost 10 HG kits, one being 1/100 scale. Unfortunately, when I was taking pictures of 0 Gundam I forgot the Baby TheEnd figure, so there isn't going to be much of him in this review :(

So after my brother finished building 0 Gundam, he handed it to me and said "make it awesome!" I did the best I could, and this is what I came up with:

I love the colors and the design of 0 Gundam; it's the RX-78-2 of the 00 universe! As far as my own personal touch, I painted the eyes, the red parts on the chest, gave the GN condenser a clear green color and put some super foil paper stuff behind it and painted the grey on the feet, and I think it turned out pretty well. Just needs some panel lining [I lost my Gundam Marker D:] and then it'll be done!

On to articulation, though. 0 Gundam really surprised me: it was much more posable than I thought it would be! The ankles are almost as good as 00 Gundam's, the knees are double-jointed, the hip joints are very mobile, the front and side skirts can move but the back ones are stationary, and the waist can swivel and bend forward/back a little bit. The neck is a polycap and the head is kind of loose on this 0 Gundam for some reason, but that's fixable. The shoulders can move forward a little and rotate the full 360˚ and the arms are double jointed at the elbow and can bend up as far as the shoulder armor allows it to. And 0 Gundam also comes with either a GN Drive or a GN Storage Tank, and you can re-equip them as you please. I think the Drive looks better though :P

It just looks so pleasing, regardless of how you pose it. It's a great addition to any gunpla collection, and it's pretty simple to put together too!


0 Gundam comes with three accessories, and I'll start with the obvious one first: the beam saber. Stored in a very RX-78-esuque manner, 0 Gundam reaches back and grabs the beam saber.

It's a pretty standard looking beam saber, but you can get 0 Gundam into its signature pose from the end of season 2 with it!

And honestly, when does a beam saber not look good?

Next up is 0 Gundam's GN rifle, which is barely used at all in season 2 [mostly because 0 Gundam doesn't appear until episode 25]. 

It looks pretty nifty with 0 Gundam, and if the hand could hold it a little tighter I'd probably use the rifle instead of the beam saber for awesome poses.

And finally, we have 0 Gundam's shield! This also look a lot like RX-78's shield, which I am definitely OK with. The handle slides into the hand, and then you fold it up onto the arm:


0 Gundam is a fantastic member of the Gundam 00 HG line, and I would highly recommend picking it up. It's cheap, pricing at ~$12, and it looks great without any painting, and there are only 2 stickers used [the eyes and a boring black one to go behind the GN Condenser]. It's posable, it's nice to look at, and you can have it battle your HG RX-78!

And that's all for today, folks. I promise from now on I'll be on a Friday schedule!!


  1. What did you use to color the red lines in the yellow chest pieces?

  2. I used a very thin brush and some Tamiya X-7 (Red) paint ^__^