HG Seraphim Gundam

Welcome to another Baby TheEnd gunpla review! Today, we've got Seraphim Gundam from season 2 of Gundam 00. Normally attached to the back of Seravee Gundam, providing its face-burst capabilities, Seraphim doesn't make too many appearances in the anime, but when it does get used the results are generally awesome. So then, onto the review!

As HGs go, Seraphim is definitely on the shorter end of the scale. Size, though, tends not to mean a lot in the Gundam universe. I really like the way Seraphim looks; it's sleek and to the point. It's also got a lot of interesting articulation.

Seraphim's head is on a ball joint, as are his shoulders, allowing for a lot of articulation. The shoulder flaps are on hinges, and the elbows have one point of articulation. The wrists, unfortunately, are simply pegged in, so there's limited articulation there. I kinda like Seraphim's strange little arms, though; they're just right for it. In terms of the waist, there's basically no articulation other than the slight swivel action you can get. The face can pull down and the antennae can rotate up for face burst action!! The hips are, once again, ball-jointed, and the knees can bend at two spots. The side skirts are on little ball joints as well, but kind of get in the way a little. The ankles are somewhat difficult to describe, so I'll let the pictures take care of that for me~

I really love the articulation on this little fella. He's super posable, but not obnoxiously so. And he really doesn't take any sort of cleaning up other than some yellow on the thigh vents and some red sharpie on the forehead gem thing. Everything else can be done with the foil stickers.

And look, he even does a good impersonation of a Ganmen!!


Seraphim Gundam isn't really accessory heavy, only having two beam saber hilts. What's cool, though, is Bandai gives you two long blades and a short blade so you can do a little mix-and-match if you want to.


For those of you who have seen Gundam 00 Season 2, you know that Seraphim functions as a backpack most of the time for Seravee Gundam, which I do not own. Seravee is the only Gundam that Seraphim can attach to in this mode, so I tend to keep him in Gundam mode.


Simply put, Seraphim Gundam is a fantastic and cheap [~$10] kit that has a lot of promise to it, too. Not only is it a great and highly articulated HG figure with almost perfect detail, but it fits right onto HG Seravee Gundam too, and I believe the two are also sold together.

See you next Friday, gunpla fans~


  1. Nice review! Are you going to get Seravee as well?

  2. Thanks! I'm not really sure if I want Seravee yet. I really like the slimmed down look of the 00 Mobile Suits and Seravee is just too bulky for me. But who knows, it may grow on me in time :O

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean -- Seravee was my least favourite design out of 00 S2. Despite that, I still think Seraphim looks a little incomplete without its bulky main body. Probably with checking out if you find it on sale somewhere, I reckon.

  4. Well, if you ever decide on getting Seravee, go for the kit with the GNHW/B upgrade. Better value for money, that one IMO...

  5. Where did you get it for $10?