HG Throne Eins & Throne Zwei

Hey everyone, another review coming at ya! Today is the second installment of the many part series, "Baby TheEnd reviews his little brother's Gundams." I've got two HG kits standing here from Gundam 00 season 1, Throne Eins and Throne Zwei. Piloted by the two male Trinity siblings of the Trinity... trio, the Thrones's appearance signifies the first important change in the show. But enough about that, you can go watch Gundam 00 if you want to see them in action. On to the review!!

The Thrones are essentially the same kit with some key differences that make each one special in its own way. But I'll save that schpeal for later.

In terms of articulation, They've both got the same articulation. The head can really only turn side to side; looking up isn't something a Throne can pull off, but that's because of the way the head was designed. The shoulders are on a single polycap and can't really do anything special, and the arms can rotate at the shoulder and are single-jointed. Also, the fins on top of the shoulder armor like to flop around a bit, and it's got beam sabers on there too, but they're never used in the show =\. As for the waist, it can swivel a bit, and that's it. The legs are on a ball joint at the hip and can move pretty well until the skirt armor gets in the way. The Thrones have a gigantic double jointed knee, and they've even got their own ankle joint thing too, with the foot attaching via polycap. Eins's shield can swivel, and Zwei's sword peg can do the same. Also, Zwei's fang containers can pivot and swivel and Eins's cannon has some mobility too.

Design-wise, I just can't bring myself to say that I like the way the Thrones look. Something about them looks awkward [probably the legs] and while I do think it's cool that each of the three Thrones has a specific purpose [Eins is the sniper, Zwei is for close range, and Drei is for hooking up to Eins and providing a GN field], the anime has given me a biased opinion of them. Eins always ended up being in the front lines, Zwei never used its sword, only its fangs, and Drei... didn't really do anything. And they never even used their unreachable beam sabers. WHAT A LETDOWN.


At this point, I'm gonna split it up into Eins and Zwei, since they have different stuff. So, Eins first!

Eins comes with a GN Rifle that looks like a crossbow, most likely for aesthetic reasons. It honestly looks pretty snazzy, and I've got no complaints about it.

Eins also has a giant GN Cannon on its back. It can bend in half, the arm it's on can move around a bit and swivel, allowing for a good angle for it to connect to the GN Rifle to create the mega awesome GN launcher cannon death machine. Of course, it needs someone to operate it...

And now we go to Throne Zwei! Zwei comes with it awesome giant sword that can also open up into a bizarre gun thing. Too bad he always relies on his fangs [which are non-removable because it's a HG].

Zwei also has a little blaster gun on its arm. I can't remember if Zwei actually had this, but if he did he probably used it more than the sword D:

The arm gun also opens up and a connector cable can be attached that plugs into Eins's backpack to power the mega awesome GN launcher cannon death machine.



As far as HG kits go, the Thrones are pretty well-made kits. As Gundams, though, I really don't like them all that much. Seraphim likes the Thrones, and it really comes down to whether or not you like the design of the Thrones. You definitely get your money's worth for these $15 kits, as they come with enough stuff to keep you satisfied. And if you grab some clear red action base 2s, you can get some awesome GN Tau particle effects~

And with that, my friends, I will see you next Friday! :D


  1. Eins definitely used its beam saber in the anime... or at least tried to before Graham knocked it out of Eins' and and lopped off Eins' arm with it. That scene was pretty hardcore.

    As for Zwei's blaster... I'm pretty sure Ali used it during his fight Lockon. The Trinities weren't exactly known for piloting skill, now that I think about it -- no wonder they died off so easily!

    It's a shame that the Thrones didn't have a bigger role in the anime, though. I liked the design of the Thrones -- different, yet they still have that distinct Gundam feel.

  2. Also, after seeing your post I came to two revelations:

    1.) Their super cannon blaster is definitively of phallic nature.

    2.) The thrones are German for 1, 2, and 3.


  3. Eins got taken out way too quickly for me to tell what was going on :|

    And technically, that would be Arche Gundam that uses it then, not as Zwei. Yeah, the Trinities were kinda crappy pilots. I'm surprised Nena lasted so long, but she doesn't really do anything...

  4. did you like paint these? or are they straight out of the box?

  5. These have a little bit of paint, but are mostly straight from the box.

  6. did you use normal paint or some special paint from some company