1/144 Apparition

Hello readers, today I've got another Kotobukiya kit for review, the 1/144 scale Apparition. This fella hails from an anime called Linebarrels of Iron, which was actually pretty cool once you got past the whole "I can't see what's going on in this fight because the camera is so darn shaky" thing. ANYWAY, I picked this fella up near the end of last year, not knowing what it was from. I've also since lost the clear visor that goes over its face, so bear with me if it looks kinda goofy in some/ all of the pictures D:

So Apparition has a pretty menacing look, and I really like the olive green on it. There really aren't enough awesome green mechs these days, and it's really a shame.

Apparition has a lot of articulation for a 1/144 scale. The neck is double jointed, the torso is ball jointed, and the waist can rotate a bit. The waist shield things are also ball jointed. On to the arms, the shoulders and wrists have a double joint thing going, and the hands are on ball joints. The thighs are somewhat hindered by the skirt armor but can still move quite well, and the knees and ankles are, once again, double jointed. Apparition's cannon arm has, like, 64374537 points of articulation, so you'll see those when I get to that.

Apparition also comes with a little stand [which is nowhere near as good as the action bases from Bandai] that you can kinda pose him on, because if you want him to be anime-accurate then it's impossible to have him stand on his own because of how his feet are shaped. Included in the kit are some "heels" you can attach to Apparition's feet to give its feet a more realistic look and to try [but fail] to help it stand on its own without the stand.

Back to posability though, despite having a lot of joints on him, giving him a good pose can be kind of tricky at times, and with that said I apologize for the lack of awesome poses. The upper body is fine, but as soon as you get to the legs, feet, and skirt armor, it becomes much more difficult to work with, especially since he can't stand on his own.


Apparition comes with one accessory, and I'll bet you can guess what it is...

That's right, his giant cannon. It can pretty much swivel out in any direction you want it to, and Apparition even comes with an extra hand that you can swap out so it can hold the rifle thing by the handle on the top.

Seriously, it's just so damn awesome. One part of the cannon arm likes to come loose somewhat often though, and I hope my kit isn't defective or anything D:


Like all of the other Linebarrel kits from Kotobukiya, this fella is gonna run a pretty steep price for only a 1/144 kit, coming in at ~$40 for a regular HG-size kit. I think that it's a very sleek looking kit, though, and it really doesn't need much touching up at all. I only wish I still had the visor, because it really adds a lot to the kit. Anyway, Apparition is a seriously awesome kit, and I'd imagine he'd look fantastic next to Gundam Dynames and Cherudim Gundam :D

See ya next Friday, everyone! ~


  1. I love the colour scheme on this guy as well. Sometimes it's good to avoid glaring primary colours in favour of a less conspicuous look.

    Very nice review, as per usual =)

  2. I'm honestly glad that the Linebarrels of Iron mechs were made into kits, although they are a tad pricey for 1/144 scale. And it was the color scheme and the cannon that pretty much sealed the deal when I was looking at the box and debating whether or not to drop the money for it. And thank you, Chag :D

    Yeah, most of the Kotobukiya kits are priced similarly, and they tend to require more work to make them look nice than a Bandai 1/144 HG Gundam kit.

  3. I gotta say, its cool enough to make me interested in the anime :O and the kit itself, even at $40.