Unicorn Gundam, TRANSFORM!

In a 2D Animation class I'm taking, our first project was to get a basic grasp of animating something. I chose to do a stop motion project, and this 27 second video is the result of several hours of photo-snapping. Let me know what you guys think, I might do more in the future~!

And a link if the embedded video isn't working: Unicorn Gundam, TRANSFORM!

Just thought I'd share this with my readers. See you tomorrow for a new blog post!!

EDIT: Seraphim of Seraphim's VK Blog insists on letting you all know that he guest stars in the video. You can see him at his desk near the end, but then he disappears.


  1. Fuck YES. Your hard work has definitely paid off, because this is genuinely awesome. I can praise it all day if I wanted to, but you get the picture =)

    A couple of issues, though:
    I'm not sure if flipping the model midway through the transformation was the right thing to do, though. I know the gimmicks on Unicorn's back deserve attention, but reversing the model all the sudden disrupts the fluidity of the sequence. I'm also skeptical about the charge at the end. The MG's articulation just isn't good enough to pull off a convincing action pose.

    Do you have to present this to the class, btw?

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Chag! :D

    Yeah, after I uploaded it I was considering taking out the backpack transformation, and while it's not too important the full motion of the beam sabers flipping out is kind of necessary, in my opinion. As for the charge, I really couldn't think of anything else for it to do, and I figured "I might as well make it do something somewhat exciting rather than just have Unicorn slashing away with a white background for 27 seconds."

    Yeah, I get to present it. I had about half of it done yesterday, and I showed it to my teacher and she used it as an example :D

  3. :D Looks cool. Did you do all of it by yourself? Also, that's a pretty snazzy Zeta Gundam poster: where'd you get it?

  4. Did you get any "Wow, that's a cool transformer!" comments?

  5. Oh, I'm not presenting it until Wednesday the 24th, the next time I have that class. I really hope I don't get any of those type of comments though... -__-;;

  6. Hehehe, I look forward to hearing your reactions.

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  8. SIGH

    babytheend, you should put that I guest starred in your video :D


    Also, it's on my youtube in case any of your fans would like to embed it else-where.