Filler and Minor Updates~

Hey everyone, just a few things I want to say:

To those of you who have commented on my reviews / used the chatbox, thank you! I really like seeing what people have to say to how I review stuff, or even if it's just a "hey, that looks cool!" It just makes me feel that much more accomplished to know that there are people out there who enjoy my blog and its contents.

Next, I've put a new poll up. Personally, I feel like this is a big step up from just regular blogging, but my friend said it might be cool to give it a try. I'm not quite sure which direction I'm going to take that decision yet, and I figured, "Why not ask my readers?"

Also, a little update on Gundam Rasiel... or rather, me letting you know that its parts are all still on the runner. I don't want to start slicing it to bits until I can get my hands on the parts from HG Dynames and HG Virtue I need to give it articulation. I'll probably have those two kits in my possession at the beginning of the summer after school lets out and I'll [hopefully] have a job to make some money.

I'm not sure how many of you readers this applies to, but if you have a kit that you're itching to get on the internet and have a decent camera and can write up a little review and send me that and some pictures, I'd be more than happy to put up your review here! I might edit what you send me a little bit depending on whether not it needs fixing up, but if you've got something then let me know and we can work something out~

And that's pretty much it! Thanks for supporting the blog thus far, and hopefully there'll be even more of you as time passes! :D


  1. So wait, is the penguin thing a picture of you? I don't think I'm following correctly...

  2. -_______-;;

    I can post stupid stuff on your blog too.

  3. While video reviews are helpful for articulation demos, I think textual reviews are still the way to go. The reader has more freedom in their reception of the content: they can easily skim/skip through sections and get a bigger view of your photos. Don't fix what ain't broke, I say!

    ...Although, you can always combine the best of both worlds by sticking a video in your reviews. That would be pretty rad.

  4. hey that looks cool