Another Minor Update [[EDIT X2]]

Hey folks, I'm sorry that today's review is taking so long to get up. 100% truthfully, I haven't taken any pictures yet. I've been sick for the past few days and it's really inhibited my ability to get much done, but fret not, readers! The review will be posted either tonight or tomorrow morning! [I'm pushing for tomorrow morning though :D]

Hey fellas, as much as I regret saying this, I think I need to hold off on the Sinanju review. His joints are all very stiff, which may lead to breaking mid-photoshoot. I'd say it's equally Seraphim and my own fault, and I really apologize for the false teaser. Though technically, it still is a teaser, but the actual review won't be for a while.

Though it's no compensation for a review on the MG Sinanju Ver. Ka, I'll be putting together a replacement review that should be up by Sunday at the latest. Again, I'm really sorry for this turn of events, as I wanted to give you guys an awesome review of an awesome Mobile Suit.

I really have just had a difficult week, and while that's a lame and a vague excuse I really can't write a review right now. Let's call it a day off ^_^

I'll have a review for everyone on Friday, and I'll try to keep my Friday schedule as best I can. To those who read my blog and don't just look at the pictures, I apologize for the delay in new reviews.


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