HG Hiling Care's Garazzo

Baby TheEnd here, hittin' you with another gunpla review! Today I've got a pretty interesting mobile suit from the 00 universe [can you tell it's my favorite series?] that doesn't actually have any accessories or... conventional weaponry, I guess. This is the Garazzo, and Hiling Care's custom Garazzo at that. It shows up during season 2 and is generally awesome until its inevitable destruction. Fortunately, mine is in no danger of exploding, so let's check it out!

Those of you who own this kit will notice right away that There should be some tan/white parts on the ankles. I refuse to use stickers, but can't figure out what color of paint I need [I fear I'll have the same problem with the Gaddess] so I left it grey instead.

I quite like the design of the Garazzo [and all of the other mobile suits that were built based on GRM Gundam]. Hiling Care's custom Garazzo looks especially intimidating, though, because of the bone-white and blood red colors that adorn its armor. 

Anyway though, on to articulation! From the top down, Garazzo's head is on a double joint and can move around very nicely. The clear red visor can also move down to reveal a Gundam-esque face. The shoulders are on a huge double ball joint system and have a very nice range of movement. The shoulder connection under the huge pads allows for the arms to move up and twist, and the shield on the left shoulder pad can open. The arms can bend once at the elbow and the hands are ball-jointed on. On the closed fist, the knuckle spikes can also move up and down. Garazzo's waist is very much like the season 1 Gundam 00 gunpla in that it can rotate and do nothing else~. The GN Drive pod on Garazzo's back can swing up and detach, and the two wing things [the white parts] can split to make wings. Back to the waist, the front skirt armor is on a hinge and can move up and down, though it doesn't need to, and the side skirts are on polycap ball joints and can move around as well, though the side skirts tend to get in the way a bit =\. The rear skirt is totally immobile. The legs are connected to the hips with a ball joint, and the leg connection part can rotate a little bit. The legs are double jointed at the knee and the feet have a weird double ankle joint and can also open or close to form solid feet or foot spikes, respectively.

I really do prefer Garazzo in the air though. The ground feet look so... awkward =\


Like I said before, Garazzo comes with no accessories [unless you count different hands an accessory~]. So rather than go on about something that doesn't exist for this particular kit, I'm just going to show you the weapons this fella has! Let's start with the GN Cutters!

One mounted on each hand and one on each elbow [the red spikes], the GN Cutters are a solid weapon that is coated with a GN Field, which makes them almost instantaneous available to assist the Garazzo in destroying one of Celestial Being's Gundams. I think they look pretty cool too ^__^. They're like super brass knuckles that could easily disable a mobile suit.
"I challenge you to fisticuffs!!"

Next up are the GN Beam Claws. Instead of having regular beam sabers, the Garazzo has ten beam sabers: one mounted into each finger!

Unfortunately this version of the HG Garazzo doesn't include the separated fingers beam claw effects that are included in the purple and pink version :<. On an unrelated note, that last picture kind of reminds me of Xemnas...


That about wraps up this review! The HG Hiling Care's Garazzo is a pretty cool recolor of the Garazzo kit, and although it doesn't come with the spread beam claw effect it still can pull off the closed finger beam claw quite well~. Retailing for around $17, if you're looking for another hand-to-hand combat mobile suit, like the color scheme, or are trying to collect all of the 00 HG kits, Hiling Care's Garazzo is the kit for you!

That's all for now, readers! I'll be back next week with another review~!


  1. Seems you're also into the 00 kits as well. It's presumably clear that you also have Gaddess; planning to complete the Innovade suits?

  2. While I do think the Innovade suits are all quite unique, I don't think I'm going to get all of them. My friend already has the Gadessa, and I don't want to outright copy him. I just get the kits that I like ^__^;;

  3. needs more big gun >.> and wings