HG God Gundam

For a lot of people, Gundam Wing was their first glimpse into the Gundam universe. I've been told countless times that it's "the best Gundam series ever." Frankly, I think that may be because it was their first experience, and that first for me was not Gundam Wing, but G Gundam, the most ridiculous Gundam series ever to air on TV. This may be the reason behind why I felt having some version of God Gundam in my collection was necessary, so I went out and picked up the HG God Gundam. There's definitely a special place in my heart for it, but regardless of that it's still a pretty awesome HG kit. Let's take a look~

And here it is: the mid-season upgrade from Shining Gundam. I really like the way that God Gundam looks. Really, all I can say is that he's quite colorful, but doesn't stray away from the yellow, red, white and blue that make just about every main character Gundam a Gundam xD

One small thing that bothers me is that the red part of the wings have little holes in the back. Then I realized that they'd be necessary if I ever wanted to do this with my God Gundam. But let's move on to articulation~. From the top down, the head is on a ball joint and can move around pretty nicely. The chest part can open up to reveal the Crest of Hearts energy multiplier inside. The stomach area is ball jointed so you can get God Gundam to lean forward a bit if you need it. Back to the arms, the shoulder armor is ball jointed into the body and the polycap it's connected to can swing out a little bit. The arm can rotate below the shoulder, and you get a little more than a 90˚ bend at the elbow. The hands, like usual, are ball jointed. The wrist armor can be re-attached more forward on the arm to replicate the God Finger attack, and the yellow claws can go up. Down to the waist now, the front skirt armor is good about getting out of the way for poses. The side and rear skirt armor, though... not so much D:  The side skirts house the beam sabers, and the little mounts they're on can rotate a little bit. The legs are on a ball joint attachment to the hips, and can rotate just below that connection. The knees are double jointed, and the calf armor can lift up to reveal thrusters. The ankle armor is on a little ball joint and is usually pretty cooperative, and the feet are ball jointed to the legs. Also, the "wings" of the core lander can open up.

God Gundam is able to take quite a few action poses, which is key for this particular mobile suit as it's pretty much a hand-to-hand combat suit.


God Gundam, being a hand-to-hand fighter, really doesn't have many accessories. In fact, the only accessory God Gundam really has are his two beam sabers.

The handles for these beam sabers are quite long, but Bandai decided to give us two differently-sized beam parts :|

I wouldn't call the core lander an accessory, as it's necessary for God Gundam to function, but I'll put it in this section anyway ^__^;;

Exciting, right? This is how the lander attaches to God Gundam.

And now, for God Gundam's super mode!! When Domon is ready to finish the fight, the super mode is activated, and I've gotta say it looks pretty freakin' cool~

In this form Domon tends to use one of two attacks: Sekiha Tenkyoken [the first picture, basically a Gundam-sized Kamehameha blast] and God Finger [Erupting Burning Finger in the English dub, he grabs your face and crushes it].


I've really got nothing but good things to say about this HG kit. There really aren't any issues with it [in my eyes, anyway]. It's a very aesthetically pleasing Gundam, and it doesn't have a preposterous amount of accessories, just a whole bunch of hands. I'm very pleased that Bandai included two clear vibrant orange hands for God Finger/ Sekiha Tenkyoken. If you liked G Gundam, like God Gundam, or want to own a kit of one of the most angry pilots in the Gundam Universe, then go get yourself the HG God Gundam. Retailing for around $17, it's totally worth it.

See you next time, Gunpla fans~


  1. So much G-gundam fandom in this post XD quality review as always sir.



    oh shit

  2. This is the later HGFC version, right? I wanted this one as well, were it not for the limited gimmicks (Neck, arm gauntlet, waist), and parts that are off-proportioned (check the rear waist plate...

    Still quite a good reboot this.

    P.S. When will they reboot the Wing Zero (Both TV and OVA versions? T_T)

  3. Where do you buy or get the ring for the gundam?
    Or is that handmade?