HG Mobile Turn X

To be honest with all of you, the first time I laid eyes on Turn A and all of the mobile suits from the series, I hated them. Every single one. They looked like [and still look like] someone just slapped a bunch of different shapes together and tried to make it look like a giant robot. However, I've since gained an appreciation for Turn A and Turn X, and my awesome friend Seraphim got me this kit as a birthday present :D. This is gonna be a short review, though, due to the nature of Turn X. You'll see~

So here we go, readers: this is the Turn X from the Turn A Gundam anime series. It's quite a strange looking mobile suit, if you can even call it that. One thing I found interesting was that apart from the head and the shoulder armor, Turn X does not have any symmetry at all. The left side is entirely different from the right, and I think that's pretty cool.

Moving on to articulation, Turn X doesn't have too much, being an older kit and all. From the top down, the head is on a ball joint and can rotate nicely. The arms are on a peg to polycap connection from the body, and the shoulder armor is on a similar connection from within the shoulder. Both of the arms can bend a little more than 90˚ and rotate at the elbow, and the left arm's hand is made of the same soft plastic as polycaps and can rotate and wiggle around a little bit. The body has two sections to it, connected by a ball joint, so it can move around a bit. The backpack is on a peg connection and is really supposed to stay in place but it can move back and forth =\. The waist connection is a simple peg to PC, so it can rotate. The skirt armor... well, actually, there really isn't any skirt armor on Turn X. The legs are attached to the hips with a ball joint connection and can move around very nicely. The legs bend at the knee, and you can get about a 90˚ bend with them. The feet are absolutely bizarre. Right below the knee joint, there's another joint for the giant feet. This joint moves forward, the reason behind this is something that escapes me.Turn X's feet, though, are not really meant for any sort of crazy posing, and I'm almost positive that it's supposed to be airborne most of the time anyway. The grey toe parts are ball jointed as well and can move around a little bit to aid with ground poses.

Like I said, it doesn't move around all that much, but it still looks fantastic doing what it can! I like the color scheme too. Originally, I thought it'd be a black, grey and white deal, but the white is actually a very very pale mint green, which I'm quite alright with :D

An ability I can't really show here is that Turn X has the ability to essentially separate itself into a bunch of mobile bit weapons [in other words, a bunch of mobile laser turrets]. The main body can also sap enemy mobile suits [and their pilots] of energy :O


Due to only having one hand, Turn X's accessories are limited to two. First up is the beam rifle. Molded in one color, it's not really too exciting, but that's perfectly alright. Despite looking somewhat lacking, it still looks pretty cool! :D

Turn X's other accessory is the bazooka. This strange looking launcher is a bit tougher to get into Turn X's hand, but it also looks pretty cool in some of the more action-y poses Turn X can take!


For a HG kit as old as Turn X is, it's still an awesome kit. Sure, it's not ridiculously posable and it doesn't have a lot of accessories, but honestly things like that shouldn't stop you from getting the mobile suits that you like or find interesting. Since it's such an old kit, the HG Turn X usually retails for less than $10, but it's definitely worth it. Did you watch the Turn A Gundam anime and appreciate how awesome it was? Do you like bizarre looking giant robots capable of turning technology into sand? Would the colors of Turn X look pretty next to the rest of your gunpla? If you answered yes to any of these, then this kit is definitely for you.

And with that, gunpla fans, I will see you all next week!!


  1. Well, for a mobile suit with a humongous backpack, it sure does have dinky weapons... XD

    Just my 2 cents; quite appreciate rare ones like those. Hope they reboot the model kit under the HGUC lineup...

    BTW, mind having my site included in your blogroll?

  2. Yeah, but considering that Turn X itself is a bunch of mobile weapons, I don't think the small-ish blaster and bazooka make much of a difference anyway ^__^;;

    Yeah, there are a lot of old kits that I've wanted to get but decided against it because they look kinda silly [HG V2 Gundam, etc]. If those got remade, I'd be all over 'em :O

    Sure, I'd love to include you! Do you have a banner I could use, or should I scale down the main banner for your page?

  3. You could focus on the second flag and work it from there... ^^ Thankies...

  4. FYI, the right hand is actually SHINING FINGAAAAAA~ haha.

    i love the turn A series, u should watch it. =)
    great plot and characters, not to mention the strange MS design.