My Apologies ^__^;;

Today's post is going to be pushed back to Sunday, as I'm going out of town this weekend and didn't realize how many errands I'd have to run before I left today. As a heads up though, This review will be pretty awesome, since it's on the HG Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo].

I'm really sorry, and I promise this is the last time this sort of thing will happen!! :O. In a regular Friday review's absence, though, I present you with two [three?] pictures of what would surely be considered the most overpowered Gundam in existence:

Ladies and gentlemen, the XN 00 Qan[T] Raiser Seven Sword. A grand total of three GN Drives, 24 swords, and five different add-ons [0 Raiser, XN unit, Seven Sword x2, and another 00Q binder]. 

I am so determined to make this right now. Like, you really have no idea. Having a HG kit of this would be simultaneously ridiculous and the most awesome thing ever. Though I don't know why the artist gave it two GN Sword IIIs instead of two GN Sword Vs. Also, instead of the right arm 00Q binder, it should be the Full Saber attachment. Regardless, someday, this will show up on my blog xD

See you Sunday with the HG Hrairoo review all ready for ya~


  1. i almost have that model but its 00 raiser + sevensword g+ xn raiser. I dont think you can put all that on because with my model I only have one free hand. I need to buy some quanta and exia models.

  2. heres a link for a picture of it im not very good at models but maybe you can make one that looks good.

  3. The design is sickening.

  4. It may SEEM overpowered, but Turn A would kick its ass 20 times over. And all of those attachments would just fall off. 8ts still an awesome design, and it could probably single-handedly destroy an entire army.