HG Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo]

Hello, everyone! It's Friday, so that means another review! Today I've got the HG Gaplant TR-5 from the Advance of Zeta: Flag of The Titans side story. I'm just going to be calling this guy the Hrairoo though, as that's its codename. Taken directly from the Gundam Wiki, the Hrairoo is classified as an "Area Dominance Mobile Armor, similar in purpose to GP03D Dendrobrium, but for all three major environments (atmosphere, ground, space)." What this means is that the Hrairoo poses a serious threat to all opposing mobile suits. Another quick fun fact, the name Hrairoo [and all of the Advance of Zeta: Flag of The Titans suits] are names taken from a book called Watership Down. Now, review time~!

The Hrairoo is one of the few lucky non-Gundams to receive a v-fin. Why the Hrairoo has a v-fin, though, I've got no idea =\. Perhaps to make it look more menacing...

Moving right along, we come to articulation! Starting with the head, this is the first kit I've seen that has absolutely no head articulation. I can't imagine it'd have much need [or room] to move its head around anyway, what with all of the sensors on it [the green bits]. The waist also has no articulation, which is understandable as it's a transformable mobile suit. The thruster pack on Hrairoo's back is in a hinge and can move up and down. The shoulders... are confusing as hell. There's a grey joint that polycaps on the shoulder peg on the body, and the grey joint pegs into the shoulder [top part] of the arm. The right shoulder's white pod thing can open and the long blade rifle can peg inside. The arms themselves can rotate just below the shoulder, and are single jointed at the elbow which bends about 90˚. The hands are ball jointed in but can really only rotate. The shield binders are polycapped into the arms right at the elbow and can rotate. The binders themselves can extend and there are handles for Hrairoo to hold on to.

Continuing the articulation, The waist skirts are all pretty much immobile but are mostly out of the way. The rear skirt has an arm that can hold the long blade rifle and can rotate at the base and has two "elbows."The hip connection is a ball and socket, as it is with most HG kits. The knees are double jointed, and the feet are ball jointed on to the legs. The feet can bend at the toes and the blue armor in front can also move to keep the white toe part covered. Hrairoo's legs also have an ankle armor flap that can move forward and backward a bit :D

As you can see, this fella really isn't too posable, but damn does Hrairoo look awesome. This is one of the few chunky mobile suits I can enjoy having on my shelf~


Hrairoo really only has one accessory, as I don't consider the two beam sabers molded in dark blue to count as real accessories, especially since Hrairoo is not about close combat at all. So let's take a look at the long blade rifle!

This is definitely a long rifle; it stands a good amount taller than Hrairoo itself! Hrairoo comes with a special hand for holding the rifle, or it can be mounted on the third arm on the rear skirt or it can be stored on the right shoulder. Lots of possibilities! :D


The Hrairoo's area dominance classification mostly comes from its mobile armor mode. In this mode, it's gotten all compacted up with 17 thrusters propelling it and three different beam projectile weapons pointing forward, ready to fell any unlucky foe. 


I originally purchased the Hrairoo because I thought it looked just plain badass, and I still believe that to be true, regardless of the age of the kit. It retails for around $25, so it's one of the more expensive kits, but that's due to its size and the fact that it includes a very nifty stand. Honestly, I think it's worth it. It's a very unique mobile suit, and especially so if you're a fan of Gundam Zeta~. I'd definitely recommend it, but be warned that it will take some painting to make it look like the box art.

So until next Friday, may yours days be filled with Gunpla~ :D


  1. Hmmm, I've always worried about the shield binders on its arms. Do they feel secure to you?

  2. They're actually quite sturdy and stay in place quite nicely!

  3. ITS o.o

    SO o.o

    COOL o.o

    I want one, custom colors or not, nao

  4. This is probably one of my favorite non-Gundam designs! I like this model too but... how do you properly pronounce its name? >_>

  5. Z: It's such a unique design! I only wish they'd make a HG Woundwort D: I honestly don't know if there's a right way to pronounce it. I pronounce it as "hrye-rew" with the h being pronounced like you're quickly exhaling. That's really the best way I can describe it ^__^;;

  6. I've always kind of liked the Gaplant, but these colors make it awesome. They're like Nu-Gundam color schemed.

  7. This counts the three of us, methinks, (You, Z, and Me, once I get the Hrairoo review up) as those who have given good marks on this big beast.

    Better save up for either a Gundam MkII or a Zeta, after going for a RG 2nd build... ^^

  8. I think beamknight87 has a review of this monster as well. But yes, I really love the design and general everything of it :D

    I think a MG Gundam MkII 2.0 would go nicely with my MG Gundam 2.0 :D