Revoltech Enki

Hello everyone! It's Friday, which means another Baby TheEnd review comin' at ya! Today I'm going to be talking about... actually, for the first time in a while it isn't gunpla, but instead a Revoltech figure from Kaiyodo. Revoltech figures are all well known for their ratchet joint system that allows for study joints and fantastic posability. With that being said, let's take a closer look at the ganmen called Enki~

Quite an interesting looking robot, isn't he? It kinda reminds me of a samurai :O. Enki is the first ganmen in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to have two faces, though I wouldn't exactly call the brown markings on his head a face...

And now, for articulation. From the top down, Enki's head is on a revolver joint, as are his shoulders and the weird eyebrow part on his chest-face xD. There are also revolver joints in the elbows and wrists, and there's a huge one in the chest to allow the torso to bend. The shoulder joints are placed at a really bizarre angle, though, so it takes some getting used to before you can maximize posability. The torso to hip connection is not on a revolver joint but can still rotate a little. The front and side skirts are all on revolver joints, and the hips, knees and ankles have joints as well. Revoltech figures are usually nothing but revolver joints xD

Revolver joints are really fantastic because, like I said, they're sturdy and quite posable. Enki looks pretty awesome doing just about anything, as you can see~!


Enki has a few accessories that really can't be viewed by themselves; that is, they need to be attached to Enki to look like anything. Let's start with the missile packs and mega chest cannon.

The missile packs plus in to Enki's shoulders, but for the chest cannon you have to remove the eyebrow part and stick the cannon piece onto the revolver joint. I'm pretty sure that Viral uses this crazy barrage attack once with Enki before Gurren Lagann kicks its butt xD

Enki also includes a broken head crest, which is broken by Lagann drilling through it and stopping Enki's super laser attack thing.

And now for Enki's best accessories, his swords. He's got special hands to hold the swords, the sheaths plug in to the side skirts, and the sheer amount of badassery is so great that I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking~


The Revoltech line definitely has its ups and downs, as I've heard of many cases where the quality of the figure was horrendous [original Fraulein Asuka, for example]. However, Enki is definitely a diamond in the rough. It looks awesome, the articulation is superb and I never have to worry about the joints loosening because of the way they're designed. Unfortunately, Revoltech Enki is quite difficult to find these days, but once upon a time he retailed for $25-$30. If you can find one, then definitely go for it! Especially if you like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Revoltech Enki is a real gem to have on my shelf :D

See ya next Friday, everyone :D. Until then, thank you so much for all of the support you've given me~! I hope that you'll continue to be a fan of my blog~


  1. So can it eat through it's stomach?

  2. J
    I'm confused, I thought it was "Gunmen" and not "Ganmen"

  3. I'm just using the romanization of ガンメン, which would be ganmen. Either one is fine though, I believe ^__^;;

  4. I never heard the term gunmen used until the movies, before that the subs always came through as ganmen, so that's what I just rolled with.