Random Things VOL. 1

Hello everyone! I realize that it isn't Friday yet, but I thought I'd write about a whole bunch of random things that have been floating around in my mind for some time now. Plus, maybe this will help you all to get to know me a little bit more [and I'll make an ABOUT page eventually ^__^;; ].

With that little introduction out of the way, first on my list of things to talk about is this:

Taken straight from Ngee Khiong, there will apparently be a new Gundam 00 MG released this November. I say apparently because the card isn't very specific, but I'm going to assume that since it's next to the MG GN-X and MG Exia [Trans-Am Mode] it'll be from Gundam 00.

Now, just hearing this would probably lead a lot of people to assume that it's going to be the 00 Raiser. Honestly, part of me is expecting it to be that as it got third place in a poll Bandai held a month or two back as to what kits we [their loyal customers] would like to see as MGs. The-O has been released [and was number two], and V2 Gundam [first place] should be right around the corner.

Back on topic though, I wouldn't be upset if it was the 00 Raiser. I will agree that Bandai has gone a tad overboard with all of the 00 Gundam kits, but can you really blame them if they do make 00 Raiser a MG? It got first place and it's the main character's Gundam. HOWEVER, most of me is really hoping that they use a different Gundam for the next 00 MG. J and I were talking earlier about how if they did a support character's Gundam [like Dynames or Arios] then the majority of the fanbase would likely demand that they make the rest of the support characters's Gundams.

What I'm hoping for, though is either Reborns Gundam or 0 Gundam. Let me break it down for you:

REBORNS GUNDAM: For those of you who already have the HG, I think you can agree with me when I say that Reborns Gundam is fantastically designed, both aesthetically and the way everything moves. Even for an HG kit, there's an incredible amount of detail that can only go up if it was scaled up to MG size. Might it be a bit pricey? Possibly, but the 00 Raiser would be more expensive. I could see a MG Reborns Gundam costing no more than $60 or so, maybe $70 worst-case.

0 GUNDAM: Why 0 Gundam, you ask? Because it'd be out of nowhere, and I quite like the design. Yes, it is a homage to the RX-78-2 Gundam, but even still the design is beautiful. Bandai would also probably be able to re-use MG Exia's frame to some extent as well as using bits and pieces from the MG Gundam 2.0. It probably wouldn't cost too much, either. I could see it retailing for maybe $40 at most, which would be pretty nice for my wallet ^__^;;

And on the topic of MG kits, I thought I'd share my little list of Gundams and mobile suits I'd like to see one day as gunpla, either HG or MG:

Bandai, I'd love a MG Turn X. The design really grew on me quickly, and honestly if they made another HG there's not much more they could do with it. A MG, though, would mean it could use the shining finger and it could even have some sort of special display stand to display it when it's all separated.

At least give us a HG TR-6 Woundwort, Bandai. So many people have been asking for this since the few kits from Advance of Zeta were released. A HG Woundwort could also mean more combinations with Hazel and Hrairoo, though I think they should release the other TR suits from Advance of Zeta while they're at it [especially TR-5 Fiver] ^__^;;

A MG V2 Gundam would be quite nice. I prefer the V2 to the V Gundam because the huge boosters are awesome :D. I might get the old NG 1/100 V2 Gundam just because it looks like a pretty good kit for its time.

I don't really need to explain myself for this one, do I? xD. Fans have been asking for a HG or MG of this for a long time...

And one final thing to say, I've got three kits on the way from Hobby Search: HG 00 Qan[T], RG RX-78-2 Gundam, and MG Turn A :D. I'm quite excited to get all three, as the 00 Qan[T] is my favorite Gundam design ever, the RG Gundam is a huge step for 1/144 size kits and I'd love to personally own one, and the Turn A Gundam, while I still think looks silly, has really grown on me and it's really hard to find one for a good price anywhere. Jeez, that was a long sentence o__o;;

So, readers, what do you think will be the next Gundam 00 MG? What mobile suits or Gundams would you like to see as kits one day? Do you have any kits on the way you're excited for? Let me know in the comments! :D

And that's all I've got for you~. As for Friday's review, I can almost guarENKI you'll like it [see what I did there? :3 ].


  1. J here
    Regarding the poll about who became an MG I thought it was V2 that won 1st place, while 00 Raiser got 3rd. Either ways V2 would prob have some iterations such as the Buster or Assault packs. But yeah I'd like an MG O Gundam and Nobel...or Tequila Gundam >:D
    Still want my MG Epyon or PG F91 though xD

  2. Right, I got the orders mixed up. Fixed!

    MG Tequila Gundam would be awesome xD

  3. The new 00 MG has got to be 00-Raiser. This is the perfect time to push that kit, because I think 00-Raiser reappears in the movie with GN condensers equipped. Bandai has been holding out on releasing a 1/100 scale 00-Raiser the the GN Sword III, and I'll be damned if they don't the the chance now while public interest is still fresh on the suit.

    As for a fantasy kit... if Bandai announced a HGUC Nightingale, the sound of my pants exploding would be heard halfway across the world.

  4. Perfect grade tequila gundam would have to be sold here as "Spike Gundam." Also the parts will probably break and fall out for that real "made-in-mexico" feel.

    A Master Grade V2 with the various Assault / Buster / Assault Buster packs would be pretty G: kind of like the Striker Weapons system kits from way back in the day.

    I'm old school, so I still refer to them toy robits by levels :<

  5. As to those referring to the 00 Raiser as the next MG...

    Wrong-O! >>> http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2010/09/mg-00-qant-november-release.html

    BTW, an HG Woundwort would be nice... Can't wait to mix its parts with Hrairoo... XD