Delays, Breaks, and Resin

Hello everyone, just a quick update before I get to bed~ ^__^;;

I'm really sorry about the lapse in reviews D:  I was on break between quarters, so I was incredibly busy trying to pack as much fun with friends in as I could before school started back up again. I'll have this week's review up a bit early, as I'm going home this weekend again [for my brother's Bar-Mitzvah! :D ]. But yeah, the next month or so is gonna be pretty tough for this blog =\. Lots of traveling, places without computer access, etc so hopefully I'll be able to have a few reviews finished up so there isn't a huge lull for December.

One kit you probably won't be seeing a review of, though, is this fella. The HGUC Advanced Hazel + Resin G Parts Hrududu, combined to make the Advanced Hazel Rah! I put a hell of a lot of work into it, but it still could have come out better. If only I could find an original Hrududu kit...

And that's all I've got for you for right now, so I'll see you when my next review is up [should be in the next day or two~]

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