HG 1.5 Gundam

Hello readers! Today I've got a pretty cool review of the HG 1.5 Gundam [pronounces "eyes" Gundam] from the Gundam 00 HG line~. This fella shows up in the 00I, 00P, and 00V Senkai side stories! The 1.5 Gundam is pretty much the step before Reborns Gundam, which is 1 Gundam with a GN Cannon fused into its back. But I'm sure you all just wanna see the pictures, so here we go!
So here we go, the 1.5 Gundam. This guy was high up on my list, since I loved Reborns Gundam and the purple color scheme was very unique. There should be more purple Gundams ^__^

Before I get into articulation, I'm going to take off the binders so you'll just be seeing 1 Gundam. For some reason, the binders add the other 1/2 xD

Anyway, from the top down, 1.5's head can move around very well and is on a double jointed neck polycap. The torso can bend back and forth a bit to allow for some more dramatic posing. The shoulder attachments on the body are supposed to be stationary, but they can pull out a little bit and let the arms swing forward or backward a little. The shoulders themselves are polycapped onto the body, and the main shoulder armor piece is attached to the top of the arm, and the cover things are attached to the main piece. The arms can rotate just above the elbow, and you can get about a 80˚ bend with the elbows. The arms can also rotate a little bit below the elbow joint as well, similar to Reborns Gundam. The lower arm portion, though, has far less mobility than its successor does, which is a bit unfortunate D: The hands are ball jointed in, same as always, and the beam saber mounts can swing back and forth.

On to the lower body! All six pieces of the skirt armor are able to move around [if you separate the front skirts and the back skirts, as they come molded as one part]. The legs peg right into the waist, and can move around really well since the skirts are good at getting out of the way xD. The knees are double jointed, and are actually the same knees as Reborns Gundam [seeing a pattern here? :P ]. I glued the calf armor split thing shut though, since it's not supposed to split and I didn't really like the gimmick in the first place >__>  And as with Reborns Gundam, the feet are really tough to get into a good ground pose, but they're very mobile and can still flatten out.

1.5 Gundam is honestly just a recolor of Reborns Gundam with a different backpack ^__^;;  However, I really love the colors, and the fact that it has a very "prototype" feel to it. More pictures woo!


1.5 Gundam has a few pretty cool accessories, but before I hit those I want to talk about 1.5 Gundam's binders. They're capable of a bunch of different modes to aid it in combat, which i think is pretty cool :D The different modes are Standby Mode, Flight Mode, High Speed Mode, Attack Mode, Defense Mode, Rifle Mode, and Alvaaron Cannon Mode~
 High Speed Mode

Flight Mode

Alvaaron Cannon Mode

Standby Mode

Ok, with most of the modes out of the way, onto accessories! First are the beam sabers! Pegged into the back of the elbow, they look a bit awkward to get to, and the kit only includes one clear beam effect :(

Now for the shield. The binders can rotate to the arm the shield is attached to and boost the GN Field created by the shield. On the kit, the shield is tough to pose with because it's really big~

Defense Mode

Next up is 1.5 Gundam's awesome GN Beam Rifle. It clips onto the bottom of the arm, and then the handle goes into the hand. It can be equipped on both arms, but I like my Gundams being righties like me :P

 Attack Mode

Rifle Mode

Fully equipped and ready to kick some ass! 1.5 Gundam, launching!!


 After all is said and done, is the HG 1.5 Gundam worth it? Honestly, if you've got Reborns Gundam already, it really isn't. Unless you like the color scheme or the binder attachment thing, you're really just getting the same kit again. Would I still recommend it to people? Of course! It's sleek, posable, and purple! :D  It brings an appropriate amount of accessories, and can even have them all equipped at the same time. 1.5 Gundam usually retails for around $20, and the base color scheme is a much lighter purple [I went over it with some TS-24 Purple though :3 ] but it's still an awesome build and looks especially cool next to Reborns~

And that's all for this review. See you next time, everyone~!


  1. How does 1.5 turn into "eyes?" Also, when I saw you working on this I was going to ask "didn't you already do this one?" xD

  2. They did some weird naming stuff with 1 Gundam and 1.5 Gundam. I guess because the 1 kinda looks like a capital "i" and the 5 looks like a capital "s."

    \( '___' )/

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh this one is so sexy. D:

  4. hmmm looks like u repainted the blue eh?

  5. Nice review,its a nice kit though im not a fan of the shield but i like the overall design ^^