Disconnected Thoughts and Questions

Hello everyone! Today I've got a few things I'd like to discuss with you, and a few questions to ask as well~ Let's get started!

First, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR THIS BLOG~ :D  Baby TheEnd's Gunpla and Toy Review turned one year old on December 2. I'm so happy that I've been able to keep going this long, and I'm even happier that I've developed a reader base too :)  Hopefully one day I'll be as popular as Ngee Khiong EX or Gunpla Inochi ^__^;;  Is there anything you guys want me to do/re-do for an Anniversary Post? Leave a comment with your ideas~

On to the next item now. These next few weeks [the next month, really] is gonna be kinda crazy for me, and I'm not 100% sure that my reviews will be posted on time. School is requiring a lot of my time, and in a bit more than a week I'll be out of town. I'll try to get them done ASAP and have the system auto-post them at the proper times. The side bar with all of the links and the individual category pages are things I'll have to update myself. I've got a huge backlog, and that honestly bothers me a lot >____>  Perhaps I'll do some sort of mass post bonanza~

Alright, now for something that's a bit more important. My friend Seraphim has his blog monetized by Google a while ago, and has made some money off it [not a lot, but more than a few dollars]. That lead me to thinking that maybe I should monetize my blog as well. The money could easily be funneled into new gunpla, so in a way the site would end up paying for itself~. HOWEVER, money would only be made by placing ads on my blog, which then would have to be clicked. There are definitely other ways to earn money to pay for gunpla, but I thought I'd ask my readers since you guys are gonna end up being the ones who have to deal with the ads [and click on 'em once in a while to get me some money :D ]. Let me know what you think!!

I've also been thinking about trying to do some video reviews too. It seems like they take much less time, and it'll be far easier to convey what I'm trying to show you with pictures~

Alright, so let's go over this:

~*~Is there anything you want me to do for an anniversary post?
~*~Should I put ads on this blog that might get a bit invasive but will earn me gunpla money?
~*~Should I try my hand at video reviews?

And that's all! See you on Friday!!


  1. I like the video idea!

  2. Do a custom gunpla instead; I'm a bit off-hand on the video review since there will be connection issues regarding the same...

    As for the monetization thing... your call...

  3. The ads really aren't that invasive. At their worst they take over the chatbox, but that goes away if you refresh the page enough. So far none of them have had sound for me. If they do, this goes for any link, actually, you have the option of telling google that you don't want that specific ad to show up.

  4. I like your text reviews a lot more, for some reason. I say go ahead with the ads, it's really no big deal.