Summer's End: The Return of Weekly Updates

Yep, that's right! I'm sorry for not updating at all over the summer, but I was painfully busy between taking an art class, hopping between odd jobs, and spending time with my friends back home. Not that that's an acceptable excuse or anything though... >___>

ANYWAY, I thought I'd give you guys a little heads up as to what's on my plate right now.


Since I'm back at college, I don't have access to all of my wonderful Gunpla, but I do have the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom, the HG 00 Qan[T] Full Saber, the MG Gundam Mk.II HD Titans Color, the MG 00 Qan[T], the just-finished HG Extreme Gundam, and the HGUC Sinanju, in no particular order. On top of that, I've got the HGUC Hyakushiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher, the HG 0 Gundam, and the behemoth MG Ex-S Gundam to assemble!

I've got quite a bit to go through, and even more back home to rotate in during breaks ^__^;;  Today's review will be of the HGUC Sinanju, just in case you were wondering~


I've recently [since early Spring or so] taken up a few extra things to do for fun, the first being the Pokémon Trading Card game. I collected the cards when I was a lot younger, back when Pokémon was really still taking off in the US, but it was mostly that: a collection of cards that ended up sitting in bags in my basement. Over the course of this past year, though, my roommate Seraphim and I have been attending the local Pokémon TCG club and, as a result, have bought tons of new cards to satisfy our different playing styles. It's honestly a fun card game, my only complaint being that every so often card sets will get phased out, rendering those cards illegal in tournament play which carries over into the club, of course].

My other new addiction is a fledgeling free MMO called Spiral Knights. Produced by Sega and Three Rings, it's an incredibly simple and fun game that has a Legend of Zelda feel to it. I really could go on and on about this, but I'd rather not [at least right now :P]. I'll finish up with this: for those of you who do play Spiral Knights, you're welcome to add me in-game! If you want to add me, my name is Hazel-Rah, and just let me know that you're a reader of my blog so I don't think you're some random stranger trying to friend me xD

And that's all for now! Time to get to work on this review~

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