HGUC Sinanju

Hi there everyone, get ready for a great Gunpla review to kick off the huge hiatus I was on! Like I mentioned in the post earlier today, this is the review of the HGUC Sinanju, Full Frontal's customized mobile suit in Gundam Unicorn. This fella was one of several I purchased at Anime Central, a convention I attended in Chicago this May. As per usual, everything you see is hand painted, including the gold emblems! :O. Well, let's get to it~

Sinanju is about equal in size to Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode], so he's pretty tall for a HG. It's also got a heap of articulation, so let's take a look at that! From the top down:

  • The head is on a ball joint, but can't move too much because of the large collar armor
  • The shoulders peg into the torso, and can rotate as much as the large back thrusters will allow
    • The spiked thruster flaps on the sides can move up and down to accommodate for more movement at the shoulder
  • The arms can bend upward at the shoulder to about a 90˚ angle, and at the elbow to about the same
  • The legs can do about 90˚ forward and back, becoming hindered by the large skirt armor
    • The knees bend in two spots, but only to a combined total bend of about 90˚ :(
    • The side calf thrusters can be pulled out slightly and turned
    • The rear calf armor can be pulled out to reveal yet another thruster
  • The ankle joints on Sinanju are kind of strange, and it'll take some time to get it properly balanced
  • The large back thrusters can turn horizontally and vertically thanks to the small arms that attach them to the backpack
    • The red armored parts on both thrusters can be "opened"
    • The fuel tanks are ball jointed into the back, and can be removed

Let me know if that new articulation rundown works for you or not~! Anyway, because of Sinanju's unfortunately lacking leg articulation, I feel that ground poses are limited. Sinanju seems like more of a space-type mobile suit though, so pop it on an action base if you've got a spare!


Before we get into the big stuff, let's start with the beam sabers! There's no place on the HG to store them, but they'd usually go right here.

Next up are the beam axes. These monster beam weapons are stored on the inside of the shield when not in use, and can be given long or short blades. They're also connectable at the hilts!

Alrighty, now it's time for Sinanju's signature weapon, the beam rifle. Sinanju's rifle is powered directly by the suit's power generator rather than e-cap clips, making it a much more efficient beam weapon.

And to add even more firepower, the rifle can also be outfitted with a grenade launcher on the bottom!

And finally, Sinanju's awesome gold-trimmed shield. As I mentioned earlier, the beam axes are stored on the inside when not in use, and the grenade launcher is stored at the narrow end to give it some emergency firepower.

And because the beam axes technically still can function while attached to the shield, you can get some really crazy beam shield sword things going~


The HGUC Sinanju is simply a must-have for fans of Char Aznable. Though he doesn't actually pilot the Sinanju, it has a very Char feel to it, almost like a thinned down Sazabi. All of the parts that are gold on mine were painted, so they'll either require stickers or be molded in an orange-yellow color. Like all HGs, if you take the time to get the extra details just right, it really makes the final kit look that much more fantastic. It took me at least 3 hours total to do all of the gold emblems, but damn does it look nice! This kit retails for $23 or so, depending on where you shop, but this fearsome-looking red mobile suit will certainly not disappoint!

And that's the end of this review, everyone~! Make sure to tune in next Friday for another Gunpla review! Until then~


  1. painted them gold accents, I see...

  2. It took a steady hand and a lot of patience, but yeah. I think it came out quite well :D

  3. Good review, this is. Awesome reviewer, you are ,Buying this model,I am.
    (just trying to talk Yoda-lish, Awesome review)
    From you greatest fan.
    Adult TheStart ;)

  4. Awesome work on this Sinanju action figure. I love his beam rifle.