Sefer Rasiel - The Top of The Wishlist

Surfing a gunpla site today, I stumbled across a kit that shot to the top of my Wishlist so fast it almost hurt. I am talking about the 1/144 GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel.

This fella was a bonus from Hobby Japan's January 2009 issue, and to my dismay is near impossible to find anymore. But let me explain this a bit better. Because this kit is a magazine bonus, it's not too complicated so it was labeled as "Furoku Grade." From what I understand, FG [which is different from First Grade] kits are used for magazine bonuses because they only require one or two uncolored runners worth of parts and still finish as a 1/144 scale kit. BUT!! This kit [I'm not sure if this applies for all FG kits] has next to zero articulation; it's essentially a statue. 

Bandai was clever enough, though, to engineer this fella so that if you wanted to give it some really basic articulation, you could cut parts of it away and add polycaps to the ankles, waist, head, and shoulders. But I want more than that. I want to see this thing move like any other HG kit, and in that issue of Hobby Japan are instructions on how to do exactly that. 

Gundam Rasiel was designed, apparently, during season 1 of Gundam 00 and was used as the test platform for the GN Arms and the 0 Raiser. And by itself, Gundam Rasiel looks like it's missing something, but that's where the GN Sefer comes in.

The GN Sefer really completes the look and changes the name to Sefer Rasiel. Up to five GN Sefers can attach to Gundam Rasiel, but I think I'm only going to get one.

It really does look a lot like 00 Raiser, and I love the design. It really adds some completeness to Gundam Rasiel. I really can't verbalize [textualize...?] how great this kit looks, and I'd be more than willing to spend the money on both Rasiel and a GN Sefer for a fair price!

So if any of you have an extra of either you'd be willing to sell me, leave a comment or shoot me an email! If not, then see you this Friday, readers!! :D

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