Updates, VOL. 1

Hey there, readers. I've got a few little updates for you. This is the first time I've done an update on my posts, so let me give y'all a rundown on how it works.

What I'll do is post the update[s] as I would any other post: they'll appear on the main page and I've added an Updates tag so you'll be able to see all of them if you'd like. Then, after the update has been posted, I will copy the parts of the update into whatever posts the update is about. The updates post itself will probably have an extra picture or two with all of the updated things doing something awesome :D

In this case, today's update covers both of the MGs I've reviewed. So, let's go!!


Over the holidays, I got a Unicorn Gundam Titanium Finish as a gift from my awesome mom :D. I figured that people who read my blog might be interested in seeing it, because it doesn't seem like many other gunpla review sites care to purchase the Titanium Finish version. So, some photos!!

You'll notice that I chose not to add any of the decals, and this is my reasoning behind that: I don't think that the marking decals would add to the kit as it is presently. I developed a rule that I plan on keeping as long as I build gunpla: if it's a metallic version, don't ruin the shininess with stickers.

And since I now own my own Unicorn Gundam, I can show you all its third weapon: the hyper bazooka!

I think it's a pretty handy piece of engineering that uses a lot of the sliding action already present on Unicorn Gundam. I like that the barrel can extend for when the Gundam needs to use the bazooka, and it's also got a little storage tab like on the beam magnum.


A bit of an underwhelming update, but an update nevertheless. Maybe a month and a half ago, I was on /toy/, an awesome image board I frequent whose topic is, you guessed it, toys. The only thread I concern myself with is the Gunpla General thread, because I enjoy gunpla a lot :D. Anyway, I was asking if anyone had two extra LED units for Exia's GN Drive that they would be willing to part with, and in a stroke of luck a fellow by the name of Lupes said he had some. And best of all, he sent them for free! :D. So Lupes, wherever you are, this update is for you~!

The LED units. They're much taller than I thought they'd be!

And this is how they fit into Exia's GN Drive.

Give it a twist, and the drive lights up!!

And put it back in the Exia for some awesome effects! It's a shame that the LED makes it too bright to read the text on the front GN Condenser =\

And some lights-out shots!!

And that's it for the first of many updates! Here's your reward for reading through it all/ looking at the pictures!

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