MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

Well folks, here it is. The Sinanju belongs to Brett, who originally purchased this kit in Japan a little over a year ago. After taking forever to put the decals and other markings on,  here he is: the Crimson Comet's mobile suit!!

Sinanju is such an interesting mobile suit because it really strays away from the mobile suits Char pilots throughout his time in UC: chunky, large but fast mobile suits. It seems like they slimmed down the Sazabi and gave it even more thrusters, and thus the Sinanju was born~

Sinanju has quite a sturdy inner frame, which makes posing it that much easier. From the top down, the head is on a ball joint with the same eye movement gimmick as with the MG Zaku II 2.0, which I really like. The cockpit on the chest opens in a very extravagant manner, and there's even a little figure of Full Frontal inside [yes, that's actually the pilot's name -__- ]. The shoulder armor has a smaller bit of armor that can pivot downward, and it's pretty much directly attached to where the arm plugs into the body. On the smaller pivoting parts, there's an arm that can swing down and attach to the massive shield to support it. The arm itself has a standard shoulder joint that can move quite well, an awesome double joint at the elbow, and somewhat of a double jointed wrist as well, to allow for the forearm guards/ beam saber holders to move. Also, like the Zaku, the fingers are individually articulated. 

In terms of waist articulation, Sinanju can move forward, backward, and side to side too! Sinanju's backpack thrusters have this awesome way of opening that I really can't describe [in addition to being able to move and swivel]. The two fuel tanks are on ball joints and can also move around a bit. The waist skirts can all move quite freely, but the front skirts are kind of a pain. The hip connection is quite solid, and the pegs can slide forward and backward to make certain poses easier. The legs can move around very well, and the knee has an awesome double joint thing going on, much like the elbow. The thrusters on the sides of the leg can extend out and turn pretty much all the way around. The back of the legs also have thrusters that can pop open in a style similar to Unicorn Gundam's destroy mode. The ankles are pretty complex and can move around quite nicely, and Sinanju's toes also have some motion in them.

Honestly, part of me doesn't even want to pose it. I just want it to stand there, GFF style and just marvel at another one of Katoki's creations. But that would get boring after a while, so let's see what Sinanju can do!


Sinanju's got a fair amount of stuff you can put on him, so I'm going to start off with the small things and work my way up starting with the Grenade Launcher.

Honestly, the handle is so small that Sinanju can't even hold it =\. The barrel can pop open so Sinanju can put in another round. The Grenade launcher can also attach into the bottom of...

Sinanju's signature weapon, the beam rifle~. This rifle looks far different from most of the other beam rifles of Universal Century. Sinanju looks great with the rifle, too, but one thing that bothers me is that the hand pegs really don't hold it in place very well D:

Next is Sinanju's monster shield. I love the gold trim on it, and I like that pretty much everything can somehow attach onto the back of the shield.

What I'm not particularly fond of, though, is that there are two ways to attach the shield to Sinanju:
1. Use the clip to attach it to the shoulder armor, which makes it difficult to pose the arm.

2. Use the secondary clip and attach it directly to the forearm on the arm guard, which still makes the arm hard to pose. You also can't lift the arm guard to get the beam saber out.

Sinanju also has some hidden beam sabers mounted in his forearms. The forearm armor can be pulled out for an effect similar to Unicorn Gundam, or they can actually be removed.

Finally, Sinanju's beam axes/ mega beam sabers. These also attach to the massive shield, and when held individually the beam generator part slides up and one of two beam effects can be attached. 


Well, I bet you can guess what's coming. Since, obviously, I didn't build any of Sinanju, I interrogated Brett with the usual interview questions:

Baby TheEnd: What was your initial reaction after laying all of the runners out in front of you?
Brett: This is going to take all night D:

Baby TheEnd: About how long did assembly take?

Brett: All night (about 5h straight with minor distraction)

Baby TheEnd: What was something that frustrated you during construction?

Brett: The limited number of channels on japanese TV xD

Baby TheEnd: Is there a specific aspect about this kit that you really like?

Brett: The head unit, its awesome

Baby TheEnd: Is there anything that upsets you about the finished kit?


Baby TheEnd: Is this kit fairly priced for what you get?

Brett: Absolutely, down to the last spike on the pauldrons

Well there you go. Although his answers are a bit short, they're right to the point xD. MG Sinanju Ver.Ka retails for around $70, but can be higher or lower depending on where you look. I'd also have to agree with Brett that the price is absolutely justified~

And that's all I have to say about the MG Sinanju Ver.Ka. See you next week, readers~


  1. That's not an RPG Launcher, but I love the poses...

  2. P.s. i totally didn't realize the arms could open to attatch the beam sabers till you posed it for that pic... my head exploded

    i just thought the arm plate was loose >.>

  3. It's the red comet, not crimson.