HG Extreme Gundam

Hi everyone, I've got another Gunpla review comin' at ya~! Today we're going to look at the HG Extreme Gundam, a unique mobile suit designed for the game Gundam VS Gundam: Extreme VS. I'm not quite sure what role it plays in the game, but as a model kit it does a pretty great job of measuring up to the more recent HG kits! So without any more chatter, let's dive right in!

Extreme Gundam has pretty standard articulation, so let's go through a quick rundown of that.
  • Head is on the double ball-jointed polycap and can move around pretty well
    • The neck could have been a little higher up so the head can move easily over the clavicle armor
    • The rear face is, unfortunately, not displayable :(
  • Torso uses the ball polycaps to allow for movement at the stomach area
    • Can rotate 360˚ around [don't know why you'd need that though >__>;; ]
  • Backpack's thrusters can move up and down
  • Beam sabers are removable, but not usable as actual beam sabers =\
  • Shoulders are ball-jointed into the torso and can swing forward and rotate well
  • Arms peg into the shoulder armor and can rotate at that connection
    • Elbows are double jointed
    • Standard HG ball joint hands included~
    • Clear blue parts on the forearms can be moved to attach the shield
  • Skirt armor... psh, what skirt armor?
  • The legs connect to the waist via a T-shaped ball/socket connection
    • Knees are double jointed but can only bend about 90˚
    • Ankle armor is attached in the same style as HG 0 Gundam
  • Feet are connected to the legs with ball joints, and can move around a good amount

One thing that really pops out at me about this kit are the clear blue parts. It's a very unique look, and I quite like it. I know the clear parts thing has already been done plenty of times before, but this time it's kind of refreshing and new. 


Beam saber comes first! Unfortunately, this time around Bandai cheaped out and gave us a full beam saber molded in solid blue =\

Next up is the very unique beam rifle! Since Extreme Gundam's pilot is voiced by Gackt, I guess they thought making the rifle look like a guitar would be fitting. It definitely adds some interesting flair to this Gundam xD

And what better place to store a guitar beam rifle than in a guitar case-shaped shield!

I really don't like how... open it is. It just looks kind of awkward, I guess.


 With clear blue parts adorning its otherwise normal look, a beam rifle guitar and guitar case shield and a face on the back of its head, Extreme Gundam is, without a doubt, an interesting mobile suit. Retailing for around $20, it's definitely a fun kit and I'd recommend picking Extreme Gundam up if you're looking to add something familiar yet unique to your collection. And if you're a fan of Gackt, then this is really his official mobile suit! xD

See ya later, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the review~


  1. As usual, a fantastic review on the extreme gundam, although im not a really huge gundam fan anymore...due to the fact that 00 has ended and AGE is coming up. but this is a pretty unique suit...GUITAR!!!!

  2. Why would Gundam 00 ending and Gundam AGE starting up have that much impact on something you enjoy though? Yes, 00 has ended, and yes, AGE is now up to episode 5, but that shouldn't keep you from liking the franchise. Just don't buy the AGE kits and don't watch the show if it bothers you so much, and keep buying 00 stuff if it's your favorite.

  3. Um. You were supposed to yell this whole article. That's why I bought it for you :|